This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Unknown. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
Unknown, Abigail     Draper, Edward
Unknown, Ann     Turner, Francis
Unknown, Ann     Ablet, Isaac
Unknown, Ann 1697 Ashbey, Robert
Unknown, Anne     Pollendine, John
Unknown, Anne     Orble, Ambrose
Unknown, Catherine 1806   White, Joseph
Unknown, Catherine 1834   Brown, William
Unknown, Edith     Töpperwien, Friedel
Unknown, Edith Alice 1881   Turner, George Edward
Unknown, Eliza 1820   Pollendine, James
Unknown, Elizabeth   1763 Pollendine, Samuel
Unknown, Elizabeth     Arnold, George
Unknown, Elizabeth     Powel, Philip
Unknown, Elizabeth     Pollendine, Samuel
Unknown, Elizabeth     Gifford, John
Unknown, Elizabeth     Reeve, Thomas
Unknown, Elizabeth     Hinton, Thomas
Unknown, Elizabeth     Chilton, William
Unknown, Elizabeth     Webb, Walter
Unknown, Elizabeth 1768 Bradford, Walter
Unknown, Elizabeth 1681 Ashbey, Robert
Unknown, Ellyn 1588 Missing, William
Unknown, Emmie 1876   Fletcher, John
Unknown, Grace     Richards, Samuel
Unknown, Jane     Oliver, John
Unknown, Jane     Pollendine, Joseph
Unknown, Jane     Rockal, Robert
Unknown, Jane 1839 1909 Pollendine, Henry
Unknown, Lizzie 1881   Pollendine, Harold Leonard
Unknown, Margaret Eliza 1812 1885 Pollendine, James
Unknown, Martha     Cadman, John
Unknown, Mary     Fitzwater, Joseph
Unknown, Mary     Banyard, John
Unknown, Mary     Miles, James
Unknown, Mary   Pollendine, Samuel
Unknown, Rachel 1852   Hazlewood, Francis
Unknown, Sarah     Pollendine, John
Unknown, Sarah     Wayeman, William
Unknown, Sarah     Farrington, William
Unknown, Sarah 1794 1874 Oliver, Thomas
Unknown, Sarah 1819   Farrington, John
Unknown, Sarah 1837 1906 Edington, Peter
Unknown, Susannah     Dobinson, George
Unknown, Unknown     McCarron, Thomas
Unknown, Unknown     Wells, John
Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Charlotte
Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Louisa Caroline
Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Mary Anne
Unknown, Unknown     Fyncham, John
Unknown, Unknown     Turner, Lilly Rose
Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Catherine
Unknown, Unknown     Thorogood, Thomas
Unknown, Unknown     Pollard, Susanna
Unknown, Unknown     Orble, Mary
Unknown, Unknown     Orble, Mary
Unknown, Unknown     Oliver, Emily
Unknown, Unknown     Wheatcroft, Richard
Unknown, Unknown     Shed, Mary
Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Eliza Maria
Unknown, Unknown     Ashman, Marcy
Unknown, Unknown     Watts, Mary
Unknown, Unknown     Töpperwien, Unknown
Unknown, Unknown     Töpperwien, Unknown
Unknown, Unknown     Stone, William
Unknown, Unknown     Spencer, Francis
Unknown, Unknown     Smith, Mary Ann
Unknown, Unknown     Lowman, William
Unknown, Willi     Töpperwien, Hanna
Unknown, [Living]     Rothrock, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Turner, Eileen Mary
Unknown, [Living]     Carrico, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Carrico, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Chambers, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Winson, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Kantel, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Kantel, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]     Kantel, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]     Moore, [Living]
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]      
Unknown, [Living]     Tomlinson, [Living]