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Group as Name Birth Death Partner
Abbott Abbott, Thomas Abraham 18/5/1910 1992 Tolley, Alice Maud
  Abbott, [Living]     Timson, [Living]
Ablet Ablet, Dinah 1725   Sawyer, Thomas
  Ablet, Isaac 1695   Unknown, Ann
Adams Adams, Hannah 1809 9/9/1864 Pollendine, Jeremiah
  Adams, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
  Adams, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Akerman Akerman, Albert 1883 1953 Turner, Emily Maria
  Akerman, Albert Thomas 11/7/1904 1991 Evans, Georgina Frances
  Akerman, Graham Edwin 17/7/1959 1977  
  Akerman, William Joseph 22/10/1906 1967 Garner, Harriett S E
  Akerman, [Living]     Card, Stanley A
  Akerman, [Living]     Freeman, [Living]
  Akerman, [Living]      
Alder Alder, Ann 1771    
  Alder, Ann 1769 30/12/1770  
  Alder, John 1764    
  Alder, John     Wayeman, Mary
  Alder, Martha 1781    
  Alder, Mary 4/5/1762    
  Alder, Sarah 1766   White, Francis, Barrett, Benjamin
  Alder, William 1739   Miles, Maria
  Alder, William 1774    
Alexander Alexander, Mary Matilda 1850 1900 Dobinson, David Thomas
Allen Allen, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Allen, [Living]      
  Allen, [Living]      
  Allen, [Living]      
Alsop Alsop, Sarah     Sawyer, Jonathan
Amer Amer, Benjamin 12/12/1888 1960 Shed, Elizabeth
  Amer, [Living]      
  Amer, [Living]      
  Amer, [Living]      
  Amer, [Living]      
  Amer, [Living]      
  Amer, [Living]      
Andersen Andersen, Conrad Leif 8/11/1941 2005 Hennessy, [Living]
  Andersen, Leif Ranwald 8/8/1906   Smith, Isabel
  Andersen, [Living]      
  Andersen, [Living]      
  Andersen, [Living]     Cullinane, [Living], Simpkins, [Living]
  Andersen, [Living]      
  Andersen, [Living]      
  Andersen, [Living]     Bessiere, [Living]
Annan Annan, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Apostolaki Apostolaki, [Living]     Chambers, [Living]
  Apostolaki, [Living]      
  Apostolaki, [Living]      
Arnold Arnold, Derek W     Pollendine, [Living]
  Arnold, George 1756   Banyard, Jemima
  Arnold, George 1727   Cadman, Joanna
  Arnold, George     Unknown, Elizabeth
  Arnold, Jane 1822 1898 Pollendine, William
  Arnold, Sarah 3/8/1815    
  Arnold, Thomas 1793   Pollard, Sarah
  Arnold, [Living]      
  Arnold, [Living]      
Ashbey Ashbey, Agnes 1587    
  Ashbey, Ann 1683    
  Ashbey, Ann 1697    
  Ashbey, Bridget 1596   Parkin, Thomas
  Ashbey, Edward 1684    
  Ashbey, Edward 1663   Burling, Ann
  Ashbey, Edward 1688    
  Ashbey, Elizabeth 1701    
  Ashbey, Elizabeth 1676    
  Ashbey, Gilbert 1693 1723 Peacock, Susanna
  Ashbey, Henry 1691 1693  
  Ashbey, Joan 1591 1615  
  Ashbey, John 1718    
  Ashbey, John 1661    
  Ashbey, John 1680    
  Ashbey, John 1691    
  Ashbey, Margaret 1722   Wells, Simon
  Ashbey, Margaret 29/3/1696 1721  
  Ashbey, Mary 1717    
  Ashbey, Mary 1588 1616  
  Ashbey, Mary 1694    
  Ashbey, Nabuchadnezar 1561   Bentlye, Joan
  Ashbey, Richard 1593   Jellibrand, Susan
  Ashbey, Robert 1627 1699 Missing, Annis
  Ashbey, Robert 1653 1705 Unknown, Ann, Unknown, Elizabeth
  Ashbey, Robert 1686 1699  
  Ashbey, Robert 1678 1679  
  Ashbey, Robert 1601   Bryant, Elizabeth
  Ashbey, Sarah 1703    
  Ashbey, Simon 1658    
  Ashbey, Simon 1688    
  Ashbey, Simon 1606 1656  
  Ashbey, Susan 1655 1656  
Ashman Ashman, Ismaell 1583 1583  
  Ashman, Marcy 1619 Lord, John, Unknown, Unknown
Atkins Atkins, John W     Pollendine, [Living]
  Atkins, [Living]      
  Atkins, [Living]      
  Atkins, [Living]     Eyre, [Living]
  Atkins, [Living]      
  Atkins, [Living]      
  Atkins, [Living]      
Bacik Bacik, [Living]     Gruss, [Living]
Badcock Badcock, Ethel May 1895   Fletcher, King George
Bailey Bailey, Earley E 1831   Hazlewood, James
  Bailey, [Living]     Skipp, [Living]
Baker Baker, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Balkwill Balkwill, Mary A     Pollendine, Orble William
Ballding Ballding, Jane     Parker, William
Banyard Banyard, Elizabeth 1729    
  Banyard, Jemima 1759   Arnold, George
  Banyard, John 1726   Bowles, Jemima
  Banyard, John 1751    
  Banyard, John     Unknown, Mary
  Banyard, Jonathan 1750    
  Banyard, Jonathan 1686    
  Banyard, Lydia 1754    
  Banyard, Lydia 1723    
  Banyard, Martha 1757    
  Banyard, Mary 1732    
  Banyard, Rebecca 1739    
  Banyard, Robert 1697   Horsley, Lydia
  Banyard, Robert 1721    
  Banyard, Robert 1693 31/7/1693  
  Banyard, Thomas 1688 23/8/1688  
  Banyard, William 1736    
Barcham Barcham, William Charles Raven     Dobinson, Florence Susannah
Barker Barker, Hazel J     Dobinson, [Living]
  Barker, James Rodney 11/8/1965 1/10/1991  
  Barker, [Living]     Jeal, [Living]
  Barker, [Living]     Grotto, [Living]
  Barker, [Living]     Freere, [Living]
  Barker, [Living]     Kapper, [Living]
  Barker, [Living]      
  Barker, [Living]      
  Barker, [Living]      
  Barker, [Living]      
  Barker, [Living]     Wakeman, [Living]
  Barker, [Living]      
  Barker, [Living]     Simpson, [Living]
Barley Barley, Albert James 1911 1991  
  Barley, Alick Arthur 1888 1953 Pollendine, Emily Mary
  Barley, Alick Arthur 28/8/1912 2002  
  Barley, [Living]      
  Barley, [Living]      
  Barley, [Living]      
  Barley, [Living]      
  Barley, [Living]      
  Barley, [Living]      
  Barley, [Living]      
Barnes Barnes, Edith J     Turner, Norman Arthur
Barraclough Barraclough, [Living]     Seng, [Living]
Barrett Barrett, Benjamin 1781   Alder, Sarah
Barrow Barrow, Julia 1874   Hazlewood, Charles John
Basham Basham, Sarah 1791 1847 Pollendine, Samuel
Bayley Bayley, Kathleen A   1956 Pollendine, Wilfred
Beard Beard, Mercy Elizabeth 1874   Fletcher, James
Beaumont Beaumont, Mary 1853   Pollendine, James
Beecham Beecham, Frederick George     Töpperwien, Elly
Beland Beland, Amelia Alice 4/12/1856 24/11/1948 Dobinson, Anthony James
Bell Bell, Lydia Wylam 1906 12/1/1994 Pollendine, John James
Bendall Bendall, Alice Elizabeth 1867   Fletcher, King William
Bennett Bennett, Rebecca 1819   Watts, John
Benstead Benstead, Alice Louisa 1855 1859  
  Benstead, Charlotte 1850 1854  
  Benstead, David 23/7/1865 1866  
  Benstead, Elizabeth 23/7/1865 18/6/1952  
  Benstead, Elsie Myrtle 13/7/1897 1996 Ladner, Cecil Eugene Kessels
  Benstead, Harriett 1812 1879 Crane, William
  Benstead, James 16/4/1868 10/7/1946 Gillespie, Mary
  Benstead, Jemima 2/11/1857    
  Benstead, Martha 17/9/1852    
  Benstead, Percy William 27/5/1903 30/4/1987  
  Benstead, Robert James Henry 14/2/1829 23/4/1894 Pollendine, Mary Ann
  Benstead, Samuel 11/3/1860    
  Benstead, Victor James 17/12/1899 26/5/1981 Squire, Elsie
  Benstead, [Living]      
  Benstead, [Living]      
Bentlye Bentlye, Agnes 1574    
  Bentlye, Bridget 1579    
  Bentlye, Joan 1563   Ashbey, Nabuchadnezar
  Bentlye, John   Thurgar, Agnes Elizabeth
  Bentlye, John 1564    
  Bentlye, Phillip 1570    
  Bentlye, Thomas 1566    
  Bentlye, William 1576    
Berndes Berndes, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Bessiere Bessiere, [Living]     Andersen, [Living]
Bidewell Bidewell, Martha Emma 1874 1946 Turner, John Henry
Binding Binding, Annie Elizabeth 1867   Brown, Peter
  Binding, John W 1862    
  Binding, Louisa Caroline 1906    
  Binding, Samuel James 1873   Stevens, Esther Amelia
  Binding, Will Leonard 1905    
  Binding, William     Pollendine, Louisa Caroline
  Binding, William J 1864   Edwards, Clara
  Binding, [Living]      
Bingham Bingham, Clora J     Pollendine, Kenneth
Bird Bird, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Bird, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Birkin Birkin, [Living]     Pollendine, Thomas
Bishop Bishop, Clara 1846    
  Bishop, Emily 1867    
  Bishop, Jane 1853    
  Bishop, John 1862    
  Bishop, Mary 1850    
  Bishop, Sarah A 1860    
  Bishop, Sophia 1855    
  Bishop, William 1821   White, Sophia
  Bishop, William 1847 1922  
Bogvilaite Bogvilaite, [Living]     Lovegrove, [Living]
Boschen Boschen, Wilhelm     Töpperwien, Erna
Bott Bott, Joseph Evans 1828 1906 Pollendine, Elizabeth Phoebe
Botwright Botwright, Frank     Pollendine, Mary Anne
Bower Bower, Lammataina 1/2/1889 1965 Sibley, William James
Bowles Bowles, Jemima 1729   Banyard, John
  Bowles, Sarah 1734    
  Bowles, William     Helder, Martha
Bowman Bowman, [Living]     Butler, [Living]
Boyce Boyce, Sarah 1876 1922 Dobinson, Henry Alfred
Boyes Boyes, [Living]     Pollendine, Nora Mary
  Boyes, [Living]      
  Boyes, [Living]      
  Boyes, [Living]      
  Boyes, [Living]      
Bracket Bracket, Frances     Wells, Simon
Bradford Bradford, Elizabeth 1739 1814 Pollendine, Samuel
  Bradford, Elizabeth 1737 1738  
  Bradford, Mary 1735    
  Bradford, Sarah 1742    
  Bradford, Walter 1712 1769 Unknown, Elizabeth
  Bradford, Walter 1733    
  Bradford, Walter     Newman, Margaret
Bradley Bradley, Martha 12/7/1862 1942 Turner, Edward
  Bradley, Thomas 1840 1920 Brown, Maria
Braim Braim, Gillian Sandra 27/12/1946 2001 Shed, William George
Breeze Breeze, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Brewington Brewington, Gail 6/12/1900 1958 Thayer, Thelma Butler
Briggs Briggs, Jane     Pollendine, Edmund Lock
Broom Broom, Daisy Hilda     Trumper, George
Brophy Brophy, Edward 1911 1934  
  Brophy, James Edward 1870 1929 Turner, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Broughton Broughton, Dorothy H 1895    
  Broughton, Florence E 1882    
  Broughton, John Harold 1893    
  Broughton, William 1860 17/2/1920 Hughes, Elizabeth
  Broughton, William Frederick 1883 29/11/1950  
Brown Brown, Annie E 1890    
  Brown, Catherine 1858 1901 Shed, Robert, Shed, William
  Brown, Charles 1861   Spence, Frances
  Brown, Charlotte 1863   Salmon, James Edward
  Brown, Daisy 1890    
  Brown, Eleanor 1839    
  Brown, Elisia 1840    
  Brown, Eliza 1838    
  Brown, Eliza 1859    
  Brown, Ellen 1842   Sargood, Henry
  Brown, Emily 1832    
  Brown, George R 1865    
  Brown, Henry     Rockal, Hannah
  Brown, Isaac 1838 1912 Pollendine, Elizabeth
  Brown, James 1903    
  Brown, John 1870    
  Brown, Lucy H 1867 1872  
  Brown, Maria 1827 1915 Turner, William, Bradley, Thomas
  Brown, Mary 1873   Curling, William
  Brown, Peter 1865   Binding, Annie Elizabeth
  Brown, Peter F A 1888    
  Brown, Phoebe 1896    
  Brown, Rose W 1900    
  Brown, Sarah 1833    
  Brown, Sarah A 1850    
  Brown, Thomas 1863    
  Brown, William 1/12/1806 1858 Watts, Emily
  Brown, William 1830   Unknown, Catherine
  Brown, William 1860    
  Brown, William     Woodiwiss, Mary
  Brown, William C 1891 1928  
  Brown, [Living]      
Bruce Bruce, [Living]     Jelliffe, [Living]
Bryan Bryan, [Living]     Gott, [Living]
Bryant Bryant, Elizabeth 1606   Ashbey, Robert
Buckle Buckle, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Budd Budd, Hannah     Dobinson, Richard
  Budd, Joannah Rachel 14/11/1870   Butler, William A
Bugg Bugg, Edna 8/4/1923 28/9/2008 Pollendine, [Living]
Bull Bull, Olive A     Pollendine, Harold Leonard
Bunning Bunning, Elizabeth Frances 1857    
  Bunning, John 1823   Flack, Frances
  Bunning, Thomas John 1855    
Burdett Burdett, Ernest Francis 28/6/1904 30/1/1981 Fisher, Mabel Louisa
  Burdett, [Living]     Sheard, [Living]
  Burdett, [Living]      
  Burdett, [Living]      
Burke Burke, Catherine     Dobinson, Thomas George
Burling Burling, Ann   Ashbey, Edward
Burns Burns, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Burns, [Living]      
Burrows Burrows, Reuben T 22/6/1905 25/12/1970 Fisher, Annie Irene
  Burrows, [Living]     Hobbs, [Living]
  Burrows, [Living]    
Burton Burton, May 24/8/1888   Dobinson, William
Butler Butler, Annie 3/3/1865 4/11/1924 Terry, Frank M
  Butler, Arthur William 1858    
  Butler, Bertha Bell 27/1/1896 30/8/1977 Hiller, Frank S
  Butler, Bertha Genevieve 29/7/1919 8/9/1985 Gruss, Leonard Jacob
  Butler, Eleanor 7/2/1868 29/11/1870  
  Butler, Eliza H 1867    
  Butler, Elizabeth 1860    
  Butler, Elizabeth Frances May 9/5/1862 27/9/1930 Merritt, Collins
  Butler, Esau 1828 17/1/1899 Pollendine, Charlotte
  Butler, Esau 1873    
  Butler, Florence Mabel 5/8/1893 23/11/1976  
  Butler, George 1864    
  Butler, Grace Eleanor 17/9/1878 1/1/1917 Thayer, Francis Lafayette
  Butler, Grace M 1898   Storey, Sheldon
  Butler, Harry John 5/10/1875 18/10/1965 Nichol, Elizabeth L
  Butler, Harry LeRoy 8/7/1890 4/8/1921 Gleason, Celia Jane
  Butler, Harry William 13/9/1917 22/8/1918  
  Butler, Henry James 1862    
  Butler, James Grant 25/7/1895 4/8/1978 Zeller, Hilda Emily
  Butler, James Rudolph 20/10/1917 19/10/1992 Sorenson, Mildred Leona
  Butler, Jesse Samuel 21/2/1871 7/5/1955 Fletcher, Addie Eliza
  Butler, Jessie 1902   Cooper, George E
  Butler, Jessie May 14/10/1888 1/6/1960 Shrader, Charles August
  Butler, Joseph Samuel 4/8/1897 16/5/1984 Waite, Viva Burnes
  Butler, Loine Yvonne 17/1/1928 20/9/1960 Laun, Emmett E
  Butler, Nellie Rachel 31/8/1903 3/1/1960 Young, William Rankin
  Butler, Richard Frederick Randall 25/5/1869 1950  
  Butler, Samuel 10/3/1839 1924 Flack, Sarah Ann
  Butler, Samuel 8/1/1867 10/11/1870  
  Butler, Vernon L 25/7/1906 24/10/1993 Weaver, Ida Mae
  Butler, Volney A 7/11/1898 13/3/1986 Whitsell, Ruth
  Butler, Walter 1876    
  Butler, William A 5/9/1863 23/11/1931 Budd, Joannah Rachel
  Butler, [Living]     Johnson, [Living], Gooder, [Living]
  Butler, [Living]     Falconer, [Living]
  Butler, [Living]     Carrico, [Living], Bowman, [Living]
  Butler, [Living]      
  Butler, [Living]      
  Butler, [Living]     Tyner, [Living]
  Butler, [Living]      
  Butler, [Living]      
  Butler, [Living]      
Butterfield Butterfield, Colin Frederick 1931 1990 Mansbridge, Constance Winifred
Cadman Cadman, Joanna 1734   Arnold, George
  Cadman, John     Unknown, Martha
Caldecoat Caldecoat, Olive Maud 1903 12/3/1961 Pollendine, Francis George
Callow Callow, Sarah     Oliver, Edward
Camacho Camacho, [Living]     Gruss, [Living]
Campos Alvarez Campos Alvarez, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Campos Alvarez, [Living]      
  Campos Alvarez, [Living]      
  Campos Alvarez, [Living]      
Card Card, Stanley A 1906 1964 Akerman, [Living]
  Card, [Living]      
  Card, [Living]     White, [Living]
  Card, [Living]      
  Card, [Living]      
Carrico Carrico, Jimmy Jacy 15/8/1962 9/10/1982  
  Carrico, [Living]     Butler, [Living]
  Carrico, [Living]     Jorgensen, [Living], Unknown, [Living]
  Carrico, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
  Carrico, [Living]      
  Carrico, [Living]      
  Carrico, [Living]      
Carter Carter, Elizabeth   Pollendine, Samuel
  Carter, John 1786 1848 Pollendine, Lucy
  Carter, Lucy 1815    
  Carter, Richard 1823 1881 Turner, Sarah
  Carter, Sarah Ann 1866   Orble, Charles Henry
Caulder Caulder, Charlotte 1816   Cope, James
  Caulder, Hannah 1816    
  Caulder, Thomas     Rollins, Ann
Chadbourne Chadbourne, Emma 1883   Fisher, William Henry
Chambers Chambers, [Living]     Jeal, [Living]
  Chambers, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
  Chambers, [Living]     Willson, [Living]
  Chambers, [Living]     Apostolaki, [Living]
  Chambers, [Living]     Cooper, [Living]
  Chambers, [Living]      
  Chambers, [Living]      
  Chambers, [Living]      
  Chambers, [Living]      
  Chambers, [Living]      
  Chambers, [Living]      
  Chambers, [Living]     Kay, [Living]
Chapman Chapman, Kenneth 28/8/1930 13/11/2001 Turner, Margaret Delphine
  Chapman, [Living]      
  Chapman, [Living]      
Chapple Chapple, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Chapple, [Living]      
  Chapple, [Living]      
Checkley Checkley, Ida M 1940 Pollendine, George
Cherrington Cherrington, Jane Ann 28/11/1818   Mowl, Robert
  Cherrington, Joseph     Edwards, Jane
  Cherrington, Walter     Podmore, Mary
Chilton Chilton, Benjamin 1856    
  Chilton, Betsy 1877    
  Chilton, Christiana 1871    
  Chilton, Christiana 1848    
  Chilton, Edith 15/4/1892 1977 Smith, Alfred, Mitchell, David
  Chilton, Elizabeth 1886    
  Chilton, Isabel 1882    
  Chilton, Jane 1843    
  Chilton, John 1837    
  Chilton, Joseph 1819   Dunton, Hannah
  Chilton, Joseph 1845    
  Chilton, Joseph 13/3/1841 1842  
  Chilton, Lydia 1879    
  Chilton, Lydia 1854    
  Chilton, Phoebe Ann 1869 1896 Grayson, John Henry
  Chilton, Robert 1859    
  Chilton, Samuel 1890    
  Chilton, Samuel 14/6/1846 1925 Farrington, Elizabeth
  Chilton, Sarah 1853    
  Chilton, Sarah Jane 1875    
  Chilton, Selina 1884    
  Chilton, Thomas 1839    
  Chilton, Thomas H 1860    
  Chilton, William 1873 1887  
  Chilton, William     Unknown, Elizabeth
  Chilton, William Henry 1850    
Clark Clark, James 1832   Longdon, Sarah Ann
  Clark, Leonard Francis 1/12/1884 1958 Turner, Sarah
  Clark, Martha Ellen 11/7/1902 1989 Morris, Edward Frederick
  Clark, Violet Edith 1906    
  Clark, William 1845 7/12/1926 Oliver, Sarah
  Clark, [Living]     Hanrahan, [Living]
  Clark, [Living]      
  Clark, [Living]      
  Clark, [Living]      
  Clark, [Living]      
Claydon Claydon, Edward 1796 1864 Orble, Peggy
  Claydon, [Living]     Gabbitas, [Living]
Cleave Cleave, [Living]     Shed, Charles Henry R
Clement Clement, Ernest Albert 29/6/1909 1988 Davidson, Vera Lillian
  Clement, [Living]      
  Clement, [Living]      
  Clement, [Living]      
  Clement, [Living]      
Clift Clift, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Clift, [Living]      
  Clift, [Living]      
  Clift, [Living]      
Clough Clough, [Living]     Mansbridge, [Living]
Coates Coates, Jane Emma 1847 1932 Pollendine, Samuel
Cocke Cocke, Mary 1660 1710 Trumper, John
Cockrill Cockrill, Edith 1903    
  Cockrill, Emma Rosina 1905    
  Cockrill, Violet Frances 1907 2002  
  Cockrill, William Charles 1910 1978  
  Cockrill, William Henry 1879 1946 Pollendine, Mary Ann
  Cockrill, [Living]      
Colby Colby, [Living]     Goold, [Living]
Cole Cole, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Collins Collins, Betty 1930 18/1/1995  
  Collins, Irene 30/4/1917 5/4/1988  
  Collins, Thomas Arthur 1884   Pollendine, Ellen
  Collins, [Living]      
  Collins, [Living]      
  Collins, [Living]      
  Collins, [Living]      
  Collins, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
  Collins, [Living]      
  Collins, [Living]      
Cook Cook, Ann 1813   Pollendine, Samuel
Coombs Coombs, Mary   Fitzwater, Joseph
Cooper Cooper, George E 1899   Butler, Jessie
  Cooper, John Gordon W 24/5/1930 1992 Turner, Valerie Evelyn
  Cooper, [Living]     Chambers, [Living]
  Cooper, [Living]      
  Cooper, [Living]      
  Cooper, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Cooper, [Living]      
  Cooper, [Living]      
Cope Cope, Ann 1834 1917 Oliver, James
  Cope, Eliza 1847    
  Cope, Elizabeth 1836    
  Cope, George 1846    
  Cope, Hannah 1840    
  Cope, James 1816   Caulder, Charlotte
  Cope, James 1840    
  Cope, William 1843    
Copper Copper, Mary Ann 1831 1899 Dobinson, Thomas
Cornwall Cornwall, Emily Edith 1877 1959 Pollendine, Francis William
Cort Cort, Elizabeth 1857   Shed, John
Coston Coston, Annie 1865   Dobinson, Thomas
Cotter Cotter, Ann Hannah 11/5/1861    
  Cotter, Clara Elizabeth 23/10/1868 1873  
  Cotter, Harriet Mary 6/3/1863    
  Cotter, Hugh 1831   Sawyer, Ann Hannah
  Cotter, Hugh 5/4/1867    
Coverdale Coverdale, Sarah 1844   Smith, Thomas
Crane Crane, Charles 1837    
  Crane, Edith 1804 1888 Pollendine, James
  Crane, Edith 1801 1801  
  Crane, Eliza 1834 1841  
  Crane, Eliza 1842 1843  
  Crane, James 1844    
  Crane, Mary 1807    
  Crane, Mary 1831    
  Crane, William 1779 1846 Creek, Mary
  Crane, William 1812 1883 Benstead, Harriett
  Crane, William 1839 1870  
Crawhurst Crawhurst, Mary Ann 1824   Simes, Edwin
Creek Creek, Mary 1780 1832 Crane, William
  Creek, Samuel     Gifford, Grace
  Creek, William 1785 1786  
Crofts Crofts, Elizabeth 1759   Hughes, Thomas
  Crofts, John 1761    
  Crofts, Margaret 1765    
  Crofts, Sarah 1757    
  Crofts, Unknown 1755    
  Crofts, William     Quiney, Mary
Crosby Crosby, Eliza 1795 27/10/1880 Dobinson, Richard
Croucher Croucher, Eric W     Pollendine, [Living]
Croxall Croxall, [Living]     Farrell, [Living]
Cullinane Cullinane, [Living]     Andersen, [Living]
Cullum Cullum, Frank     Saunders, [Living]
  Cullum, [Living]     Webb, [Living]
  Cullum, [Living]      
  Cullum, [Living]      
  Cullum, [Living]      
  Cullum, [Living]      
Curling Curling, Ellen 1896    
  Curling, Emma 1898    
  Curling, Mary C 1900    
  Curling, William 1866   Brown, Mary
  Curling, William 1893    
Curran Curran, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
Daines Daines, Amos 1859 1918 Hazlewood, Mary
  Daines, Bertie 1881    
  Daines, Bessie 1890    
  Daines, Earley W 1886    
  Daines, Esther 1893    
  Daines, Jessie 1883    
  Daines, Job 1905    
  Daines, John 1902    
  Daines, Martha 1899    
  Daines, Mary Ann 1900    
  Daines, Paul 1892    
  Daines, Percy 1888    
  Daines, Ruben 1897    
  Daines, Ruth 1895    
Daniels Daniels, Arthur Frederick 23/9/1909 11/5/1989 Shrader, [Living]
  Daniels, [Living]     Monfredi, [Living], Estes, [Living]
  Daniels, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Dar Dar, [Living]     Farrow, [Living]
  Dar, [Living]      
Darby Darby, Ann Louisa 1858 1894 Dobinson, Henry Alfred
Davidson Davidson, Alice Florence 29/8/1911 1981 Richards, John Terrell
  Davidson, Andrew     Moore, Phoebe
  Davidson, Elsie Phyllis 21/11/1915 1980 Stonebridge, Noel James
  Davidson, Esther Jane 1786   Mowl, Henry
  Davidson, Frank Joseph 17/10/1902 1986 Frost, Phyllis D
  Davidson, George 1872    
  Davidson, George 1811   Rose, Eliza Sarah
  Davidson, Jenny Eliza 1874    
  Davidson, Jenny Elizabeth 2/3/1899 1986 Madden, Thomas Henry
  Davidson, Joseph Lewis 27/3/1906 20/2/1964 May, Etta
  Davidson, Marie Matilda 5/2/1913 1996 Marks, Edward
  Davidson, Robert 1870    
  Davidson, Thomas 1843   Mowl, Jane Ann Esther
  Davidson, Thomas 1869    
  Davidson, Thomas Charrington 29/4/1910 1983  
  Davidson, Vera Lillian 15/3/1908 1994 Clement, Ernest Albert
  Davidson, William James 16/4/1876 1952 Edington, Sarah Elizabeth
  Davidson, William Sidney 15/12/1926 1995  
  Davidson, William Thomas 27/4/1897 1969 Woodhams, Florence Mary
  Davidson, [Living]      
  Davidson, [Living]      
  Davidson, [Living]      
Davies Davies, Harry Frederick 1877   Dobinson, Jessie
  Davies, [Living]      
  Davies, [Living]      
Daws Daws, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
  Daws, [Living]      
  Daws, [Living]      
DeHaan Barr DeHaan Barr, Valorie 16/4/1952 6/3/2002 Gruss, [Living]
Dennison Dennison, [Living]     Gabbitas, [Living]
Dixon Dixon, Edith Fanny 13/6/1882 1973  
  Dixon, Eliza 6/12/1891 1892  
  Dixon, Emily Jane 1886   Smith, James H
  Dixon, George Henry 12/10/1883 1892  
  Dixon, George William Drew 12/1/1859 1947 Turner, Eliza
  Dixon, Helen 9/3/1893 1893  
  Dixon, Mary Maria 28/3/1885 1969 Petit, Fernand C
  Dixon, Reuben Thomas 26/6/1890 31/12/1962  
  Dixon, Ruth Cecilia 1888    
  Dixon, William John 24/6/1894 1896  
Dobinson Dobinson Jr, William 27/1/1828 1898 Morton, Elizabeth
  Dobinson, Ada 3/9/1891   Wright, Albert Edward
  Dobinson, Ada 1890    
  Dobinson, Ada Ellen 1/4/1879    
  Dobinson, Albert E 6/3/1924 1995  
  Dobinson, Albert Edward 1887 1934 Stewart, Nora Ellen
  Dobinson, Alfred 22/7/1869    
  Dobinson, Alfred George 2/8/1916 27/1/1998  
  Dobinson, Alfred James 14/10/1895 13/6/1942 Sadd, Caroline Maud
  Dobinson, Alice L 1865    
  Dobinson, Amelia 1879    
  Dobinson, Amy 1871    
  Dobinson, Ann 11/12/1818    
  Dobinson, Ann 1889    
  Dobinson, Anne 17/7/1867    
  Dobinson, Anne 1753    
  Dobinson, Annie 1870    
  Dobinson, Annie E 1889    
  Dobinson, Anthony 1751 1816 Nibb, Dinah
  Dobinson, Anthony 1832    
  Dobinson, Anthony 16/5/1826    
  Dobinson, Anthony     Lawrence, Margaret
  Dobinson, Anthony 1796 1860  
  Dobinson, Anthony James 21/11/1853 6/12/1936 Beland, Amelia Alice
  Dobinson, Anthony Thomas 1880    
  Dobinson, Arthur 1/6/1858 1898  
  Dobinson, Arthur 2/8/1854 1939 Windson, Mary Ann
  Dobinson, Arthur D 1887    
  Dobinson, Arthur Edwin 12/10/1886    
  Dobinson, Caroline 1838 1849  
  Dobinson, Caroline 1900    
  Dobinson, Charles 19/12/1862    
  Dobinson, Charlotte 15/12/1870    
  Dobinson, Charlotte 1906    
  Dobinson, Clara F 1879    
  Dobinson, Daniel 1902    
  Dobinson, David 1880    
  Dobinson, David Thomas 1848 1902 Eckley, Anne, Alexander, Mary Matilda
  Dobinson, Dessey 22/12/1823    
  Dobinson, Diana 11/11/1824 1834  
  Dobinson, Dinah 1786 1791  
  Dobinson, Dinah 1836 18/9/1915 Gladwell, Frederick William
  Dobinson, Dinah Maria 21/6/1859   Whitehead, Benjamin Ryley
  Dobinson, Doris Annie 24/8/1920 11/1/1999  
  Dobinson, Dudley 1863    
  Dobinson, Edith 31/3/1880 17/11/1955 Pollendine, James
  Dobinson, Edward 13/12/1806    
  Dobinson, Eliza 1833 15/9/1891  
  Dobinson, Eliza Sophia 1793 18/6/1863 Dobinson, James
  Dobinson, Elizabeth 23/8/1813    
  Dobinson, Elizabeth 1869    
  Dobinson, Elizabeth Ann 27/4/1830   Smith, Thomas
  Dobinson, Elizabeth Hannah 24/7/1887   Turner, Robert Edwin
  Dobinson, Ellen 1895    
  Dobinson, Ellen Emma 1903    
  Dobinson, Emma 22/2/1835 1836  
  Dobinson, Ethel 1906    
  Dobinson, Ethel Lillian 1889    
  Dobinson, Florence 3/10/1878 1963 Porter, Charles Ambrose
  Dobinson, Florence Susannah 1893   Barcham, William Charles Raven
  Dobinson, George 1869 1875  
  Dobinson, George 2/6/1842   Sawyer, Elizabeth
  Dobinson, George 1791   Unknown, Susannah
  Dobinson, George 15/6/1863    
  Dobinson, George 9/2/1816    
  Dobinson, George Albert 16/1/1876    
  Dobinson, George Miles 14/11/1856 1917 Smith, Annie
  Dobinson, George Samuel 1898    
  Dobinson, Hannah 5/10/1820 1821  
  Dobinson, Henry 1884    
  Dobinson, Henry 11/3/1832   Jephs, Maria
  Dobinson, Henry 14/1/1805 1827  
  Dobinson, Henry 1854    
  Dobinson, Henry 1884    
  Dobinson, Henry 1879    
  Dobinson, Henry Alfred 11/4/1856 17/9/1936 Boyce, Sarah, Darby, Ann Louisa
  Dobinson, Henry James 1851 1870  
  Dobinson, James 1793 13/11/1856 Dobinson, Eliza Sophia
  Dobinson, James 1882    
  Dobinson, James Alexander 28/6/1819 7/2/1848  
  Dobinson, James William 1/8/1867    
  Dobinson, Jane 1858    
  Dobinson, Jessie 19/10/1877   Davies, Harry Frederick
  Dobinson, Jessie 17/2/1845   Notley, Thomas Henry
  Dobinson, Jessie Amelia 1/10/1887    
  Dobinson, John 1787 1790  
  Dobinson, John 1799 1831  
  Dobinson, John 19/7/1822   Eager, Elizabeth
  Dobinson, John 1747    
  Dobinson, John 1903    
  Dobinson, John 1860    
  Dobinson, John James 12/5/1873    
  Dobinson, Julia E 1870    
  Dobinson, Katherine 1904    
  Dobinson, Louisa 4/12/1875    
  Dobinson, Louisa 1901    
  Dobinson, Mabel 24/12/1897   Donovan, John G
  Dobinson, Maria 1856    
  Dobinson, Martha Ann 13/1/1842    
  Dobinson, Mary 1878    
  Dobinson, Mary 1745    
  Dobinson, Mary Ann 20/2/1826    
  Dobinson, Mary Ann 1860    
  Dobinson, Mary Ann 1889    
  Dobinson, Mary Ann E 1861    
  Dobinson, Maud Florence 3/10/1918 1999  
  Dobinson, Maud Mary 20/6/1883   Sutton, James Robinson
  Dobinson, Percy Edmund 1896    
  Dobinson, Rebecca Elizabeth 14/6/1885    
  Dobinson, Richard 23/7/1839 1890 Sawyer, Mary Jane
  Dobinson, Richard 1886    
  Dobinson, Richard 1794 12/4/1870 Crosby, Eliza
  Dobinson, Richard     Budd, Hannah
  Dobinson, Richard 1741    
  Dobinson, Rosina 1888    
  Dobinson, Samuel 1899    
  Dobinson, Sarah 18/11/1836    
  Dobinson, Sarah Ann 15/1/1865    
  Dobinson, Sarah Eliza 14/6/1885 24/2/1887  
  Dobinson, Sarah Jane 9/5/1854 1925  
  Dobinson, Susan 5/3/1828    
  Dobinson, Sydney Reuben 1893    
  Dobinson, Thomas 10/6/1803 1854  
  Dobinson, Thomas 24/5/1830 1917 Copper, Mary Ann, Coston, Annie
  Dobinson, Thomas 1830   Hickson, Elizabeth
  Dobinson, Thomas 1749    
  Dobinson, Thomas George 4/4/1883   Burke, Catherine
  Dobinson, Walter Thomas 2/6/1866    
  Dobinson, William 1/12/1865 1931 Greensmith, Ellen
  Dobinson, William 1789 1855 Webb, Elizabeth Ann
  Dobinson, William 1825 17/6/1897 Grinaway, Sarah
  Dobinson, William 1877    
  Dobinson, William 20/4/1821   Tuckwell, Sarah
  Dobinson, William 1886    
  Dobinson, William 22/2/1890 1973 Burton, May
  Dobinson, William 1887    
  Dobinson, William F 1886   Whitney, Emily
  Dobinson, William George 5/8/1853 7/1/1937  
  Dobinson, William George 23/1/1847    
  Dobinson, William Henry 10/7/1850 1928  
  Dobinson, William Walter 1922 15/2/2011  
  Dobinson, [Living]      
  Dobinson, [Living]      
  Dobinson, [Living]      
  Dobinson, [Living]      
  Dobinson, [Living]      
  Dobinson, [Living]     Barker, Hazel J
  Dobinson, [Living]      
  Dobinson, [Living]      
  Dobinson, [Living]     Gibbs, Eric G
  Dobinson, [Living]      
Doble Doble, Eliza 1844 1910 Richards, Thomas
  Doble, Hannah 1841    
  Doble, Oliver     Lowman, Mary
Dodds Dodds, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
Doe Doe, [Living]     Turner, Stanley Bruce
Donovan Donovan, John G     Dobinson, Mabel
Doody Doody, [Living]     Lovegrove, [Living]
  Doody, [Living]      
Doyle Doyle, [Living]     Smith, [Living]
  Doyle, [Living]      
  Doyle, [Living]      
  Doyle, [Living]      
Draper Draper, Ann 1774 1854 Webb, Walter
  Draper, Edward     Unknown, Abigail
  Draper, Thomas Eugene     Shrader, [Living]
  Draper, [Living]      
Drummond Drummond, Robert Houston 13/3/1924 9/5/2009 Tatton, Mary
  Drummond, [Living]      
  Drummond, [Living]      
  Drummond, [Living]     Higham, [Living]
  Drummond, [Living]      
  Drummond, [Living]      
  Drummond, [Living]      
  Drummond, [Living]      
Dunton Dunton, Hannah 1817   Chilton, Joseph
Eager Eager, Elizabeth 1823   Dobinson, John
Eckley Eckley, Anne 1850 1874 Dobinson, David Thomas
Edington Edington, Fanny 1869 1889  
  Edington, Fanny 1822    
  Edington, Flora 1874    
  Edington, Francis 1878    
  Edington, Harriet 30/11/1871    
  Edington, John 24/9/1869    
  Edington, Peter 1837 1896 Unknown, Sarah
  Edington, Peter 1864    
  Edington, Sarah Elizabeth 12/12/1875   Davidson, William James
  Edington, William 1788   Winter, Fanny
  Edington, William 1860    
  Edington, Winter 31/1/1863    
Edmondson Edmondson, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Edmondson, [Living]      
  Edmondson, [Living]      
  Edmondson, [Living]      
Edwards Edwards, Clara 1875   Binding, William J
  Edwards, David     Petit, Georgette Germaine Cecile
  Edwards, Jane     Cherrington, Joseph
Elliott Elliott, [Living]     Pollendine, James
Elphick Elphick, Ann     Simes, James
Else Else, Henrietta 1872 1914 Pollendine, Edgar
Emmons Emmons, Alice 1761    
  Emmons, Anne 1768    
  Emmons, Phillip 1798 Spelman, Mary
  Emmons, Phillip 1770    
  Emmons, Sarah 1766   Pollard, Edward
  Emmons, Spelman Edward 1785    
  Emmons, William 1775    
Ernest Ernest, [Living]     Young, [Living]
Estes Estes, [Living]     Daniels, [Living]
  Estes, [Living]      
Evans Evans, Georgina Frances 1909 28/9/1952 Akerman, Albert Thomas
  Evans, Lilian Ada 24/1/1896 1985 Turner, Harry
  Evans, [Living]     Skipp, [Living]
  Evans, [Living]      
  Evans, [Living]      
Eyre Eyre, [Living]     Atkins, [Living]
Fairs Fairs, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Fairs, [Living]     Gisbourne, [Living]
Falconer Falconer, [Living]     Butler, [Living]
Farnsworth Farnsworth, [Living]     Seng, [Living]
Farr Farr, George 1798 1874 Harding, Amelia
Farrar Farrar, [Living]     Töpperwien, Bärbel Hanna Dora
Farrell Farrell, Neil Stephen 3/5/1967 4/5/1967  
  Farrell, Thomas     Pollendine, Nora Eileen
  Farrell, [Living]     Croxall, [Living]
  Farrell, [Living]     James, William John
  Farrell, [Living]     Miskell, Anthony M
  Farrell, [Living]     Pryce, [Living]
  Farrell, [Living]      
  Farrell, [Living]      
  Farrell, [Living]      
  Farrell, [Living]      
  Farrell, [Living]      
  Farrell, [Living]      
Farrington Farrington, Catherine 1854    
  Farrington, Elizabeth 1845 1902 Chilton, Samuel
  Farrington, John 1815 1868 Unknown, Sarah
  Farrington, John 1856    
  Farrington, Mary 1844    
  Farrington, Mercy 1852    
  Farrington, Sarah Jane 1850    
  Farrington, Thomas 1860    
  Farrington, William     Unknown, Sarah
Farrow Farrow, [Living]     Töpperwien, Bärbel Hanna Dora
  Farrow, [Living]     Dar, [Living]
Faulkner Faulkner, Lydia 1849 1929 Turner, Thomas
Field Field, Isabella 1848 1887 Shed, William
Fielding Fielding, Ena May 9/7/1926 2005 Pollendine, Edgar
Fisher Fisher, Albert 1886    
  Fisher, Annie Irene 28/9/1906 18/12/1973 Burrows, Reuben T
  Fisher, Archibald 3/1/1883 5/2/1884  
  Fisher, Arthur 1883 1941 Gregg, Amy
  Fisher, Arthur Stanley 1909 1958 Slater, Alice
  Fisher, Donald Vincent 4/12/1912 1981 Roberts, Edna
  Fisher, Doris May 24/4/1906 1985 Hobson, Dennis Arthur
  Fisher, Emma 1891    
  Fisher, Ernest Edward 1894   Sage, Sarah
  Fisher, Harold 9/8/1900 20/12/1948 Hardstaff, Gertrude
  Fisher, Henry 15/1/1911 1991 Winchurst, Doris Matilda
  Fisher, John William Kenneth 31/1/1925 1997 Heath, Unknown
  Fisher, Kenneth Ezra 1918 19/3/1991 Hinds, Gladys
  Fisher, Mabel 1898    
  Fisher, Mabel Louisa 13/10/1913 13/2/1990 Burdett, Ernest Francis
  Fisher, Penelope Ann 11/4/1945 17/4/1945  
  Fisher, Samuel Curtis 1893    
  Fisher, Sarah 1890    
  Fisher, Sidney 1888    
  Fisher, Unknown     Lilliman, Unknown
  Fisher, Unknown     Wood, Unknown
  Fisher, William 1859   Pollendine, Emma
  Fisher, William Arthur 1904 1981 Wilson, Mary
  Fisher, William Henry 1881 23/3/1960 Chadbourne, Emma
  Fisher, [Living]      
  Fisher, [Living]      
Fitch Fitch, Mary 1787 1862 Orble, Jeremiah
  Fitch, Sarah 1820 1906 Orble, William
Fitzwater Fitzwater, Catherine 1750    
  Fitzwater, Charity 1715    
  Fitzwater, Elisabeth 1748    
  Fitzwater, Jane 1741    
  Fitzwater, Jane 1720    
  Fitzwater, Joseph 1710   Coombs, Mary
  Fitzwater, Joseph   1720 Unknown, Mary
  Fitzwater, Mary 1708    
  Fitzwater, Miles 1713    
  Fitzwater, Rebecca 1746   Thorogood, Richard, Gilbert, Robert
  Fitzwater, Sarah 18/1/1743    
Flack Flack, Charlotte 18/1/1832 11/11/1840  
  Flack, Elizabeth 7/3/1830 29/9/1834  
  Flack, Elizabeth 10/9/1835 27/3/1841  
  Flack, Frances 24/10/1827 5/11/1858 Bunning, John
  Flack, Frederick 1/10/1825 1881 Muggleton, Elizabeth
  Flack, Mary Ann Elizabeth 10/4/1846    
  Flack, Richard 1800 1876 Pollendine, Elizabeth
  Flack, Sarah Ann 9/9/1834 27/9/1834  
  Flack, Sarah Ann 22/5/1840 25/2/1907 Butler, Samuel
Fletcher Fletcher, Addie Eliza 16/7/1877 9/6/1904 Butler, Jesse Samuel
  Fletcher, Alice Sarah 1891    
  Fletcher, Archie Ronald 1900    
  Fletcher, Beatrice Pollendine 1879   Laurie, Albert
  Fletcher, Beatrice Sarah 29/11/1897   Sturgess, Hubert Charles
  Fletcher, Frederick Leonard 16/9/1905    
  Fletcher, George 1881   Marsh, Amelia
  Fletcher, Georgina Iris 28/10/1903    
  Fletcher, Harold 1887    
  Fletcher, Henry James 1892    
  Fletcher, James 1842   Pollendine, Sarah
  Fletcher, James 1870   Beard, Mercy Elizabeth
  Fletcher, John 1869   Unknown, Emmie
  Fletcher, Kate Sarah 1877    
  Fletcher, King George 7/11/1896   Badcock, Ethel May
  Fletcher, King William 1864   Bendall, Alice Elizabeth
  Fletcher, Rosa 1875   Ruse, Robert Charles
  Fletcher, William Jeremiah 1885    
  Fletcher, [Living]     Seng, [Living]
  Fletcher, [Living]      
  Fletcher, [Living]      
  Fletcher, [Living]      
  Fletcher, [Living]      
  Fletcher, [Living]      
  Fletcher, [Living]      
  Fletcher, [Living]      
Fogden Fogden, Henry Alfred 2/8/1909 1978 Turner, Sarah
  Fogden, Jason George 1/1/1970 1970  
  Fogden, Tina 1961 1961  
  Fogden, [Living]     Howell, Valerie E
  Fogden, [Living]     Powell, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Lyons, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Berndes, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Leach, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Adams, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Johnson, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Moles, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Saward, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Heffernan, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     McKinley, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Todd, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]     Harper-Bourne, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]     Szell, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]     Annan, [Living], Mayell, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]     Harle, [Living], Plaza Munoz, [Living]
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
  Fogden, [Living]      
Foreman Foreman, Elizabeth     Horsley, John
Foster Foster, Ada 1879 28/9/1952 Pollendine, Walter
  Foster, [Living]     Gruss, [Living]
Fox Fox, Harriett     Sawyer, George Henry
Franklin Franklin, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Freeman Freeman, [Living]     Akerman, [Living]
Freere Freere, [Living]     Barker, [Living]
  Freere, [Living]      
  Freere, [Living]      
Frey Frey [Living], [Living]      
  Frey, [Living]     Young, [Living]
  Frey, [Living]      
  Frey, [Living]      
  Frey, [Living]      
  Frey, [Living]      
  Frey, [Living]      
  Frey, [Living]      
  Frey, [Living]      
Friday Friday, Mary Ann C 1851 1934 Pollendine, George
Frost Frost, Phyllis D 2/1/1902   Davidson, Frank Joseph
Furniss Furniss, [Living]     Martin, [Living]
  Furniss, [Living]      
Fyncham Fyncham, Elizabeth 1567 1632 Missing, William
  Fyncham, John   Unknown, Unknown
Gabbitas Gabbitas, Arthur Walter A 11/7/1920 1999 Tinham, Grace Evelyn
  Gabbitas, [Living]     Dennison, [Living]
  Gabbitas, [Living]     Samuels, [Living]
  Gabbitas, [Living]     Claydon, [Living], Green, [Living]
  Gabbitas, [Living]      
  Gabbitas, [Living]      
Garling Garling, Edith 2/5/1892   Merritt, William S
Garner Garner, Harriett S E 1909 1964 Akerman, William Joseph
Gibbs Gibbs, Eric G     Dobinson, [Living]
Gifford Gifford, Crispianus 25/10/1742    
  Gifford, Grace 1753   Creek, Samuel
  Gifford, Henry 1753    
  Gifford, John     Unknown, Elizabeth
  Gifford, John 1753    
  Gifford, Joseph 1717   Reeve, Ann
  Gifford, Joseph 1753    
  Gifford, Mary 1745    
  Gifford, Thomas 1755    
  Gifford, William 1753    
Gilbert Gilbert, Robert 1764 Fitzwater, Rebecca
Gillespie Gillespie, Mary 1860   Benstead, James
Gillies Gillies, Kent     Terry, Phyllis A
Gisbourne Gisbourne, [Living]     Fairs, [Living]
Gladwell Gladwell, Catherine 1858 1859  
  Gladwell, Frederick William 1832 10/11/1919 Dobinson, Dinah
  Gladwell, Frederick William 1860 1898  
  Gladwell, Louisa Beatrice 1870 8/8/1953  
  Gladwell, Walter William 1863 20/7/1939  
Gleason Gleason, Celia Jane 9/8/1898 15/7/1936 Butler, Harry LeRoy
Glover Glover, John H     Pollendine, [Living]
Glow Glow, Thomas William 1878   Notley, Martha Sarah
Gooder Gooder, [Living]     Butler, [Living]
Goold Goold, [Living]     Mansbridge, [Living]
  Goold, [Living]     Colby, [Living]
Gott Gott, [Living]     Smith, [Living]
  Gott, [Living]     Bryan, [Living]
  Gott, [Living]      
  Gott, [Living]      
  Gott, [Living]      
Gough Gough, Bernard 1889    
  Gough, Herbert 1890    
  Gough, John 1886    
  Gough, Thomas     Pollendine, Jane Elizabeth
  Gough, Thomas 1888    
Grant Grant, [Living]     Turner, [Living]
  Grant, [Living]      
Gray Gray, [Living]     Pollendine, Anthony F
Grayson Grayson, John Henry     Chilton, Phoebe Ann
Green Green, [Living]     Gabbitas, [Living]
  Green, [Living]      
  Green, [Living]      
Greensmith Greensmith, Ellen 1866 1960 Dobinson, William
Gregg Gregg, Amy 25/8/1877 1943 Fisher, Arthur
Grenfell Grenfell, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Grinaway Grinaway, Sarah 1831 14/7/1900 Dobinson, William
Grotto Grotto, [Living]     Barker, [Living]
Groves Groves, Alice Kate Terrell 6/2/1886 30/6/1962 Richards, John Clement
  Groves, Robert Henry 1855   Terrell, Annie Alice
  Groves, Walter R 1889    
Gruss Gruss, Alma Louise 19/8/1945 25/7/1971 Rothrock, Charles Allen
  Gruss, Leonard Jacob 23/7/1910 12/2/1980 Butler, Bertha Genevieve
  Gruss, Mary Cecelia 26/3/1939 28/2/2003  
  Gruss, [Living]     Camacho, [Living]
  Gruss, [Living]     DeHaan Barr, Valorie
  Gruss, [Living]     Hook, [Living], Bacik, [Living]
  Gruss, [Living]     Foster, [Living]
  Gruss, [Living]     Henry, [Living]
  Gruss, [Living]      
  Gruss, [Living]      
Hall Hall, Kenneth A     Pollendine, June Olive
  Hall, [Living]      
Hammerstone Hammerstone, [Living]      
  Hammerstone, [Living]     Töpperwien, Bärbel Hanna Dora
Hancy Hancy, Alice 1882 1966 Orble, John Edward
Hanrahan Hanrahan, [Living]     Clark, [Living]
Harding Harding, Amelia 1801 1870 White, Thomas, Farr, George
  Harding, George 1795    
  Harding, Hannah 1800    
  Harding, James     Harris, Ann
  Harding, James 1797    
  Harding, Jane 1812    
  Harding, Mary 1805    
  Harding, Sophia 1808    
Hardstaff Hardstaff, Gertrude 1896   Fisher, Harold
Hardwicke Hardwicke, Ann 1850   Pollendine, James
Harle Harle, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Harper Harper, [Living]     Turner, [Living]
Harper-Bourne Harper-Bourne, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Harrington Harrington, [Living]     Timson, [Living]
Harris Harris, Ann 1770   Harding, James
  Harris, Elizabeth 1785    
  Harris, John     Powel, Elizabeth
  Harris, Philip 1773    
  Harris, Sukey 1779    
  Harris, William 1782    
  Harris, [Living]     Towns, [Living]
Harrison Harrison, Eliza E     Pollendine, Edgar
Hatch Hatch, Hannah 1760 1824 Trumper, Thomas
Hawkins Hawkins, [Living]     Turner, William Kenneth
Hazlewood Hazlewood, Charles 1824    
  Hazlewood, Charles 1849    
  Hazlewood, Charles John 1874   Barrow, Julia
  Hazlewood, Elizabeth 1839 1849  
  Hazlewood, Elizabeth 1836 1838  
  Hazlewood, Ernest J 1900    
  Hazlewood, Florence M 1892    
  Hazlewood, Francis 1853   Unknown, Rachel
  Hazlewood, Harry J 1898    
  Hazlewood, James 1804 1865 Pollendine, Elizabeth
  Hazlewood, James 1831   Bailey, Earley E
  Hazlewood, James William 1856    
  Hazlewood, Joseph 1826    
  Hazlewood, Joseph 1846 1851  
  Hazlewood, Joseph 1865    
  Hazlewood, Kate 1896    
  Hazlewood, Mary 1829 1849  
  Hazlewood, Mary 1845    
  Hazlewood, Mary 1861 1936 Daines, Amos
  Hazlewood, Sarah 1834 1849  
  Hazlewood, Sarah Rachel 1878   Parker, John Tasker
  Hazlewood, William 1821 1849 Ranner, Anne
  Hazlewood, William 1858 1904  
  Hazlewood, William C 1894    
Heath Heath, Unknown     Fisher, John William Kenneth
Heeney Heeney, Kathleen Mary     Notley, Albert Thomas
Heffernan Heffernan, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
  Heffernan, [Living]      
  Heffernan, [Living]      
  Heffernan, [Living]      
  Heffernan, [Living]      
Helder Helder, John     Orble, Ann
  Helder, Martha 1703 11/9/1735 Bowles, William
Hemmings Hemmings, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
  Hemmings, [Living]      
  Hemmings, [Living]      
Henderson Henderson, Harold     Pollendine, Winifred Evelyn
  Henderson, [Living]      
Hendley Hendley, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Hennessy Hennessy, [Living]     Andersen, Conrad Leif
Henry Henry, [Living]     Gruss, [Living]
Henstock Henstock, Eliza 1865 1936 Pollendine, Charles
Hickson Hickson, Elizabeth     Dobinson, Thomas
Higgins Higgins, [Living]     Young Jr, William Rankin
Higham Higham, [Living]     Drummond, [Living]
Hiller Hiller, Allen      
  Hiller, Anah      
  Hiller, Ardyce 21/3/1916 24/2/1990  
  Hiller, Frank S 10/5/1887 14/9/1959 Butler, Bertha Bell
  Hiller, Ronald Gerald 30/5/1918 30/3/2000  
Hinds Hinds, Gladys     Fisher, Kenneth Ezra
Hinton Hinton, Elizabeth 1822   Hughes, Frederick
  Hinton, Hannah 1819    
  Hinton, James 1797   Taylor, Martha
  Hinton, James 1829    
  Hinton, Marcy 1826    
  Hinton, Mary 1826    
  Hinton, Thomas 1824    
  Hinton, Thomas     Unknown, Elizabeth
Hobbs Hobbs, Basil H G     Petit, [Living]
  Hobbs, [Living]     Burrows, [Living]
  Hobbs, [Living]      
Hobson Hobson, Dennis Arthur 1905   Fisher, Doris May
  Hobson, [Living]      
  Hobson, [Living]      
Holdeman Holdeman, [Living]     Shrader, [Living]
Honor Honor, Agnes     Trumper, Richard
Hook Hook, [Living]     Gruss, [Living]
Horsley Horsley, John     Foreman, Elizabeth
  Horsley, Lydia 1696   Banyard, Robert
Horwood Horwood, Martha 1839 21/3/1917 Pollendine, Robert
How How, Mary     Peacock, William
Howard Howard, Alice Maud 2/9/1883 1979 Pollendine, Arthur William
Howell Howell, Valerie E 1936 1978 Fogden, [Living]
Hughes Hughes, Ada Ann 1882   Jones, Frederick
  Hughes, Arthur 1853 1901 Oliver, Sarah
  Hughes, Benjamin 1784    
  Hughes, Betty 1788 1792  
  Hughes, Betty 1782    
  Hughes, Edwin Werren 28/12/1857 12/3/1915  
  Hughes, Eliza 1835    
  Hughes, Elizabeth 10/5/1880 30/11/1960 Turner, William
  Hughes, Elizabeth 1858 28/1/1944 Broughton, William
  Hughes, Emma 1867    
  Hughes, Fanny 1856    
  Hughes, Florry 1887    
  Hughes, Frederick 1823   Hinton, Elizabeth
  Hughes, Frederick 1856    
  Hughes, Hannah 1850    
  Hughes, Hannah 1791    
  Hughes, Henry 1795    
  Hughes, James 1860    
  Hughes, James 1797 2/9/1857 Parker, Mary
  Hughes, James 8/1/1840    
  Hughes, Martha 1860    
  Hughes, Mary Ann 1868    
  Hughes, Nancy 1799    
  Hughes, Sarah 1889   Tolley, Arthur Phillip Edward
  Hughes, Sarah 1866    
  Hughes, Sarah 1781    
  Hughes, Thomas     Crofts, Elizabeth
  Hughes, Thomas 1793    
  Hughes, Walter 1846    
  Hughes, Walter 1851    
  Hughes, William 1863    
  Hughes, William 1831   Yarnold, Rosanna
  Hughes, William 1802    
  Hughes, William 1854    
Hullyer Hullyer, Amy 1880    
  Hullyer, Ann 1900    
  Hullyer, Arthur Edward 1875 1876  
  Hullyer, Elizabeth 6/5/1848 1889 Pollendine, Dearsley
  Hullyer, Florence 1889 1890  
  Hullyer, George 1884    
  Hullyer, Harry 13/2/1891    
  Hullyer, Nelly 1887 1887  
  Hullyer, Sarah Ann 1892 1892  
  Hullyer, Walter 1877 1923  
  Hullyer, William 1852   Pollendine, Sarah Ann
  Hullyer, William John 1873   Thorpe, Ada
Hunt Hunt, [Living]     Pollendine, Thomas Ernest
Hurren Hurren, [Living]     Smith, [Living]
Hurry Hurry, Sarah Jane 1875 16/12/1968 Pollendine, Henry Arthur
Hyner Hyner, Henry     Pollendine, Lucy
  Hyner, [Living]     Pollendine, Peter John
Irons Irons, Edith 11/1/1888 1978 Shed, Robert William
Isaacson Isaacson, Sarah Ann     Orble, George
Jacklin Jacklin, Martha Emily 1888   Pollendine, Percy Maxwell H
James James, William John 1934 1996 Farrell, [Living]
Jay Jay, Irene Hilda 5/5/1919 20/7/2004 Wakeman, Albert E
Jeal Jeal, John     Pollendine, Helen Louisa
  Jeal, [Living]     Chambers, [Living]
  Jeal, [Living]     Barker, [Living]
Jellibrand Jellibrand, Susan   Ashbey, Richard
Jelliffe Jelliffe, Percy Thomas 2/4/1910 1965 Morss, Ethel Maud
  Jelliffe, [Living]     McDonnell, [Living]
  Jelliffe, [Living]     Bruce, [Living]
Jennings Jennings, Edith 1773 1859 Pollendine, John
Jephs Jephs, Maria 1828   Dobinson, Henry
John John, Ida Anna 7/1/1893 21/12/1973 Terry, Carey Elmore
Johnson Johnson, George E     Pollendine, [Living]
  Johnson, [Living]     Butler, [Living]
  Johnson, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
  Johnson, [Living]      
  Johnson, [Living]      
Jones Jones, Albert 1871   Pollendine, Catherine
  Jones, Frederick 1880   Hughes, Ada Ann
  Jones, Margaret Ann 30/12/1893    
  Jones, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Jorgensen Jorgensen, [Living]     Carrico, [Living]
  Jorgensen, [Living]      
  Jorgensen, [Living]      
Kantel Kantel, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
  Kantel, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
  Kantel, [Living]     Tschense, [Living]
  Kantel, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
Kapper Kapper, [Living]     Barker, [Living]
Kay Kay, Agnes M 1877   Thompson, William
  Kay, Ethel Clara Miriam 1891    
  Kay, Frederick John James 1865 1905 Sullivan, Clara Jane
  Kay, Harold Frederick Percy 8/10/1889    
  Kay, John     Pollendine, Emily Elizabeth
  Kay, Maud 1889    
  Kay, [Living]     Chambers, [Living]
  Kay, [Living]      
  Kay, [Living]      
Kellett Kellett, Doris 1923 1923  
  Kellett, James 1893 1/5/1965 Turner, Emily Turner
Kennedy Kennedy, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Kerschbaum Kerschbaum, [Living]     Rothrock, [Living]
Knight Knight, Anne     Pollendine, Joseph
Ladner Ladner, Cecil Eugene Kessels 2/1/1896 4/11/1972 Benstead, Elsie Myrtle
Lange Lange, Lloyd George     Seng, [Living]
Lardner Lardner, Sarah     Spelman, Edward
Larkin Larkin, Ann 1800   Shed, Robert
Laun Laun, Emmett E 16/10/1924 3/12/1997 Butler, Loine Yvonne
  Laun, [Living]      
Laurie Laurie, Albert 1881   Fletcher, Beatrice Pollendine
Lawrence Lawrence, Margaret     Dobinson, Anthony
Leach Leach, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
  Leach, [Living]      
  Leach, [Living]      
Lee Lee, Phyllis 1755 1817 Turner, John
Leonard Leonard, Edward Daniel 28/9/1929 1996 Smith, [Living]
Lilliman Lilliman, Unknown     Fisher, Unknown
  Lilliman, [Living]      
  Lilliman, [Living]      
  Lilliman, [Living]      
Livesey Livesey, June Evelyn 5/6/1933 2003 Pollendine, Anthony F
Locke Locke, Elizabeth 1792 Pollendine, Edmund
Logan Logan, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Logan, [Living]     Reddish, [Living]
Longdon Longdon, Emily 1833    
  Longdon, Mary Ann 1804 1887 Pollendine, John
  Longdon, Mary Ann 1831    
  Longdon, Sarah Ann 1839   Clark, James
  Longdon, William 1841 1849  
  Longdon, William Hill 1806 1881 Pollendine, Sarah
Longhurst Longhurst, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Longhurst, [Living]      
Lord Lord, Alice 1586 1660 Missing, Robert
  Lord, John 1592 Ashman, Marcy
  Lord, John 1588    
  Lord, Maryan 1585 1585  
Loudwell Loudwell, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Loudwell, [Living]     Watts, [Living]
  Loudwell, [Living]     Murray, [Living]
  Loudwell, [Living]      
  Loudwell, [Living]      
Lovegrove Lovegrove, Donald James 28/11/1935 10/3/2008 Pollendine, Maureen Anne
  Lovegrove, [Living]     Bogvilaite, [Living]
  Lovegrove, [Living]     Mabbutt, [Living]
  Lovegrove, [Living]     Doody, [Living], Morgan, [Living]
  Lovegrove, [Living]      
Lowman Lowman, Mary     Doble, Oliver
  Lowman, William     Unknown, Unknown
Lynch Lynch, May Louise 29/7/1911 1993 Turner, George Edward
Lyons Lyons, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Mabbutt Mabbutt, [Living]     Lovegrove, [Living]
  Mabbutt, [Living]      
  Mabbutt, [Living]      
Madden Madden, Thomas Henry 1/10/1899 1974 Davidson, Jenny Elizabeth
  Madden, [Living]      
  Madden, [Living]      
Manning Manning, Harriet 1865 1945 Pollendine, Alfred
  Manning, Mary 1866 1934 Pollendine, Samuel Reeve
Mansaray Mansaray, [Living]     Rothrock, [Living]
  Mansaray, [Living]      
  Mansaray, [Living]      
  Mansaray, [Living]      
Mansbridge Mansbridge, Alfred Charles 30/10/1898 1969 Mansbridge, Florence
  Mansbridge, Alfred John 1876 28/3/1957 Turner, Sarah Ann
  Mansbridge, Constance Winifred 1934 2008 Butterfield, Colin Frederick
  Mansbridge, Ellen Isabella 27/5/1897 1969 Townsend, Frederick
  Mansbridge, Florence 17/12/1899 1946 Mansbridge, Alfred Charles
  Mansbridge, William Robert 9/4/1900 1975 Neller, Ivy H N
  Mansbridge, [Living]     Clough, [Living]
  Mansbridge, [Living]     Goold, [Living]
Marks Marks, Edward 26/5/1917 1994 Davidson, Marie Matilda
Marsh Marsh, Alice Julia 1880   Pollendine, Alfred Cyprus
  Marsh, Amelia 1882   Fletcher, George
  Marsh, Fanny 1853   Orble, William
Marshall Marshall, Gertrude Elizabeth 27/8/1895 1976 Pollendine, Albert William
  Marshall, Isabella M     Turner, Roland John
Martin Martin, Grace Helena 1920 1981 Pollendine, John William Orble
  Martin, [Living]     Shrader, Charles August
  Martin, [Living]     Seng, [Living]
  Martin, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Martin, [Living]     Furniss, [Living]
Mason Mason, Betty 1937 4/11/2004 Pollendine, [Living]
May May, Etta 31/12/1906   Davidson, Joseph Lewis
Mayell Mayell, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
  Mayell, [Living]      
McAfee McAfee, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
McAtasney McAtasney, Rose 23/9/1909 1996 Pollendine, Percy
McCarron McCarron, Mary Ann 1842 10/4/1913 Pollendine, George
  McCarron, Thomas 1795 28/5/1878 Unknown, Unknown
McCarthy McCarthy, Patrick 17/2/1873   Pollendine, Catherine
McDonnell McDonnell, [Living]     Jelliffe, [Living]
McKerrow McKerrow, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
McKinley McKinley, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
McKinna McKinna, [Living]     Young, [Living]
  McKinna, [Living]      
  McKinna, [Living]      
McLaughlin McLaughlin, [Living]     Turner, Eileen Mary
Merritt Merritt, Collins 2/12/1861 3/6/1888 Butler, Elizabeth Frances May
  Merritt, Florence Edna 5/9/1882 24/9/1905  
  Merritt, Francis J 3/8/1912 16/5/1979  
  Merritt, Lloyd 24/6/1888 22/8/1888  
  Merritt, William S 22/4/1884 26/5/1974 Garling, Edith
  Merritt, [Living]      
Merrylees Merrylees, Margaret Selina 26/1/1887   Pollendine, Albert
Mersh Mersh, Giles     Missing, Frances
Miles Miles, James     Unknown, Mary
  Miles, Maria 30/8/1741 8/9/1799 Alder, William
Miskell Miskell, Anthony M 12/8/1941 23/11/2012 Farrell, [Living]
  Miskell, [Living]      
  Miskell, [Living]     Porter, [Living]
  Miskell, [Living]     Sinclair, [Living]
  Miskell, [Living]      
  Miskell, [Living]      
  Miskell, [Living]      
Missing Missing, Agnes 1586    
  Missing, Alice 1621 1628  
  Missing, Alice 1604    
  Missing, Anne 1594    
  Missing, Annis 1626 1697 Ashbey, Robert
  Missing, Catherine 1623 1647  
  Missing, Edward 1624 1644  
  Missing, Edward 1598 1598  
  Missing, Elizabeth 1591    
  Missing, Ellenor 1581    
  Missing, Frances 1593   Mersh, Giles
  Missing, Giles 1617    
  Missing, Joan 1583    
  Missing, John 1618    
  Missing, Lamberte 1587    
  Missing, Mary 1599    
  Missing, Robert 1589 1662 Lord, Alice
  Missing, Robert 1615 1615  
  Missing, Robert 1616    
  Missing, Sara 1607    
  Missing, Thomas 1620    
  Missing, Thomas 1602    
  Missing, William 1625 Unknown, Ellyn, Fyncham, Elizabeth
  Missing, William 1580    
Mitchell Mitchell, David     Chilton, Edith
Moles Moles, Julie Anne 1/8/1977 17/2/1991  
  Moles, Steven David 8/5/1985 17/2/1991  
  Moles, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
  Moles, [Living]      
  Moles, [Living]      
Monfredi Monfredi, [Living]     Daniels, [Living]
  Monfredi, [Living]      
Moore Moore, Phoebe     Davidson, Andrew
  Moore, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Moore, [Living]      
  Moore, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
Morgan Morgan, [Living]     Lovegrove, [Living]
Morris Morris, Edward Frederick 5/7/1902   Clark, Martha Ellen
Morss Morss, Ethel Maud 26/3/1910 1994 Jelliffe, Percy Thomas
  Morss, William Henry 1888   Turner, Maud
Morton Morton, Ann     Trumper, Edward
  Morton, Elizabeth 1830 20/3/1892 Dobinson Jr, William
Mowl Mowl, Henry 1786 1846 Davidson, Esther Jane
  Mowl, Jane Ann Esther 1843   Davidson, Thomas
  Mowl, Robert 22/1/1818 1876 Cherrington, Jane Ann
Muggleton Muggleton, Elizabeth 1823   Flack, Frederick
Mullett Mullett, Ada     Pollendine, William John
Murray Murray, [Living]     Loudwell, [Living]
Myers Myers, Edward 1902    
  Myers, Emily 1900    
  Myers, Frederick 19/3/1903    
  Myers, Lawrence 1909 1915  
  Myers, Thomas 1898    
  Myers, William 1866   Smith, Mary Ann
  Myers, William 1896    
Nash Nash, Harry     Turner, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Neller Neller, Ivy H N 28/6/1902   Mansbridge, William Robert
Newell Newell, Hannah Elizabeth 1873 1899 Pollendine, Albert Edward
Newman Newman, Lucy 1822    
  Newman, Margaret     Bradford, Walter
  Newman, Martha Pollendine 1820    
  Newman, Mary Ann 1823    
  Newman, Matthew 1787 1854 Pollendine, Martha
Newson Newson, Amber Jane 16/4/1975 1996  
  Newson, [Living]     Wood, [Living]
Nibb Nibb, Dinah 1763 1832 Dobinson, Anthony
Nichol Nichol, Elizabeth L 16/12/1874 23/1/1965 Butler, Harry John
Nicholas Nicholas, Alice Frances 6/6/1910 2000 Turner, Frederick Arthur
Nichols Nichols, Ruby     Pollendine, George
Nicholson Nicholson, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
Nicklin Nicklin, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Nicklin, [Living]      
  Nicklin, [Living]      
Nickson Nickson, Richard     Woodiwiss, Elizabeth
Noakes Noakes, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Notley Notley, Albert Thomas 16/2/1882   Heeney, Kathleen Mary
  Notley, Alfred Edward 18/7/1884   Perrott, Mary
  Notley, Henry William 23/12/1879    
  Notley, Jessie May 12/3/1887 29/4/1972 Spencer, Elliott Victor
  Notley, Martha Sarah 16/6/1878   Glow, Thomas William
  Notley, Thomas Henry 1835 24/10/1909 Dobinson, Jessie
Odell Odell, Matilda 1877 1961 Turner, William James
Ofurum Ofurum, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Oldis Oldis, Veva Ora 30/3/1914 25/12/1989 Shrader, Merl Lavern
Olin Olin, Judy Ann     Seng, [Living]
Oliver Oliver, Alfred 1854    
  Oliver, Ann 1856    
  Oliver, Ann 1799    
  Oliver, Ann 1827    
  Oliver, Betsy 1865    
  Oliver, Edward 1757   Callow, Sarah
  Oliver, Elizabeth 1787    
  Oliver, Emily 1879   Unknown, Unknown
  Oliver, James 1832 1913 Cope, Ann
  Oliver, James 1858    
  Oliver, James 1901 1902  
  Oliver, Jane 1870    
  Oliver, John     Unknown, Jane
  Oliver, John 1789    
  Oliver, Letty 1793    
  Oliver, Matilda 1868    
  Oliver, Samuel 1874    
  Oliver, Sarah 1860   Hughes, Arthur, Clark, William
  Oliver, Sarah 1785    
  Oliver, Sarah 1825    
  Oliver, Thomas 1795 1868 Unknown, Sarah
  Oliver, Thomas 1863    
  Oliver, Thomas 1824    
Orble Orble, Agnes Emma 1891   Short, George
  Orble, Ambrose     Unknown, Anne, Wyard, Elizabeth
  Orble, Ambrose 1682    
  Orble, Ann 1852   Symonds, George
  Orble, Ann 1677   Helder, John
  Orble, Bertha 1878    
  Orble, Charles Henry 1853   Carter, Sarah Ann
  Orble, Charlotte 1781 1833 Pollendine, Samuel
  Orble, Elizabeth 1778 1781  
  Orble, Elizabeth 1688    
  Orble, Ernest 1894    
  Orble, Frank William 1877 1924  
  Orble, George 1864 1865  
  Orble, George 1866 1866  
  Orble, George 1848   Isaacson, Sarah Ann
  Orble, Ivy 1904    
  Orble, James 1785    
  Orble, James 1845 1851  
  Orble, James 1860    
  Orble, James 1684    
  Orble, Jeremiah 1787 1819 Fitch, Mary
  Orble, John 1750 1821 Wells, Frances
  Orble, John 1777    
  Orble, John Edward 10/9/1880 1971 Hancy, Alice
  Orble, Loveday 1780 1780  
  Orble, Margaret 1684    
  Orble, Mary 1844   Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Swann, George
  Orble, Mary E 1886    
  Orble, Peggy 1791 1877 Claydon, Edward
  Orble, Rebecca 1850   Starling, James
  Orble, Susan 1856    
  Orble, William 1818 1884 Fitch, Sarah
  Orble, William 1844 1895 Marsh, Fanny
  Orble, William 1676    
  Orble, [Living]      
Owen Owen, Albert John 1903    
  Owen, Albert Joseph 24/5/1896    
  Owen, Ellen L 1889    
  Owen, George Henry 22/2/1900    
  Owen, Henry David 23/11/1892    
  Owen, Henry Hubert 1869 1954 Turner, Elizabeth
  Owen, Henry William 1881   Shed, Amelia
  Owen, Nellie 1893   Shed, William
  Owen, Rose Elizabeth 25/3/1890    
  Owen, Thomas William 1895    
  Owen, William James 2/5/1898 1900  
  Owen, [Living]      
  Owen, [Living]      
Oxberry Oxberry, Sarah Jane 1868   Pollendine, Albert Edward
Packham Packham, Ada Mary Ann 1884 1932 Pollendine, William John
Palmer Palmer, Pearl M     Pollendine, George Graham
  Palmer, Sylvia 1944 1994 Pollendine, David Anthony
Parker Parker, Charlotte 1810    
  Parker, Elizabeth   Pollendine, William
  Parker, John Tasker   Hazlewood, Sarah Rachel
  Parker, Mary 1800   Hughes, James
  Parker, Oswald F F 1897    
  Parker, Susan 1810 1851 Pollendine, James
  Parker, Wilhelmina M E Y M 1898    
  Parker, William     Ballding, Jane
Parkin Parkin, Thomas   Ashbey, Bridget
Paul Paul, Harriet   10/7/1839 Pollendine, John Lock
Payne Payne, Dorothy Rose 1907 22/4/1947 Pollendine, James Richard
Peacock Peacock, Mary 1680    
  Peacock, Susanna 1686 1752 Ashbey, Gilbert
  Peacock, William     How, Mary
Peatchy Peatchy, George 1846   Pollendine, Elizabeth
Peaty Peaty, [Living]     Ward, [Living]
Perrott Perrott, Mary     Notley, Alfred Edward
Perry Perry, Eliza 1876    
  Perry, Esau 1861 1894 Smith, Mary Ann
  Perry, George 1878    
  Perry, Herbert 1880    
  Perry, William Esau 1893 1894  
  Perry, William George 1851   Pollendine, Eliza Maria
Perryman Perryman, Elizabeth 1861   Turner, John
Petit Petit, Fernand C 1/8/1875 1953 Dixon, Mary Maria
  Petit, Georgette Germaine Cecile 15/5/1916 1993 Edwards, David
  Petit, [Living]     Hobbs, Basil H G
  Petit, [Living]      
Philipson Philipson, Margaret 1718 1797 Trumper, Ralph
Pittman Pittman, Elizabeth     Turner, George
Plaza Munoz Plaza Munoz, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Podmore Podmore, Mary     Cherrington, Walter
Pollard Pollard, Ann 1800    
  Pollard, Ann 1793 1793  
  Pollard, Anne 1764    
  Pollard, Edward 1762   Emmons, Sarah
  Pollard, Edward 16/3/1791 1833  
  Pollard, John 8/2/1798    
  Pollard, Mary 1787    
  Pollard, Robert 1805 1805  
  Pollard, Sarah 7/1/1789 1829 Arnold, Thomas
  Pollard, Susanna     Unknown, Unknown
  Pollard, Susanna 22/3/1804    
  Pollard, William 22/3/1795    
Pollendine Pollendine, Ada Nellie 6/12/1905 1908  
  Pollendine, Albert 1894   Merrylees, Margaret Selina
  Pollendine, Albert Edward 1873 1942 Oxberry, Sarah Jane, Newell, Hannah Elizabeth
  Pollendine, Albert John 1891 1891  
  Pollendine, Albert William 20/1/1900 1969 Marshall, Gertrude Elizabeth
  Pollendine, Alfred 1866 1939 Manning, Harriet
  Pollendine, Alfred Cyprus 1879 1926 Marsh, Alice Julia
  Pollendine, Alfred William 30/5/1902 1958 Thorby, Winifred M
  Pollendine, Alice 1869   Wright, Josiah
  Pollendine, Andrew 1956 2011  
  Pollendine, Ann 7/12/1806 7/4/1807  
  Pollendine, Anna 1814    
  Pollendine, Anne 1830    
  Pollendine, Anne 1714 1834  
  Pollendine, Anne 1779    
  Pollendine, Anne 1754    
  Pollendine, Anne Margaret 16/10/1846    
  Pollendine, Annie Irene 1902    
  Pollendine, Anthony F 19/1/1935 20/3/2012 Gray, [Living], Livesey, June Evelyn
  Pollendine, Arthur 1874    
  Pollendine, Arthur William 12/2/1880 3/8/1962 Howard, Alice Maud
  Pollendine, Audrey 1931 1931  
  Pollendine, Beatrice 1883 1964 Sambrooks, William, Tatton, Albert
  Pollendine, Beatrice Ada 1883 1953 Watts, William Henry
  Pollendine, Beatrice Louise 15/9/1905 1988 Poulter, Bill
  Pollendine, Catherine 13/6/1873 1947 Unknown, Unknown, Jones, Albert, McCarthy, Patrick
  Pollendine, Charles 1854 1931 Henstock, Eliza
  Pollendine, Charles 13/9/1875    
  Pollendine, Charles 3/3/1891 1949 Watkins, Ethel Charlotte
  Pollendine, Charles Henry 1890 1967 Wall, Edith
  Pollendine, Charles William 1/9/1921 2000 Quinn, Ellen
  Pollendine, Charlotte 6/12/1838 1874  
  Pollendine, Charlotte 1832 1898 Butler, Esau, Unknown, Unknown
  Pollendine, Charlotte 1829    
  Pollendine, Charlotte 1831 1832  
  Pollendine, David Anthony 1/1/1945 15/6/2017 Palmer, Sylvia
  Pollendine, Dearsley 1856 1898 Hullyer, Elizabeth
  Pollendine, Doris Clara 1903    
  Pollendine, Edgar 1885 1952 Harrison, Eliza E, Else, Henrietta
  Pollendine, Edgar 1920 16/8/2010 Fielding, Ena May
  Pollendine, Edmund 1803 1803  
  Pollendine, Edmund 1713    
  Pollendine, Edmund 1746   Locke, Elizabeth
  Pollendine, Edmund 1808 1831  
  Pollendine, Edmund Lock 1783 1814 Briggs, Jane
  Pollendine, Eliza Charlotte 1/5/1834 1834  
  Pollendine, Eliza Maria 1848 1885 Perry, William George, Unknown, Unknown
  Pollendine, Elizabeth 1801 1877 Flack, Richard
  Pollendine, Elizabeth 1845   Peatchy, George
  Pollendine, Elizabeth 1801 1849 Hazlewood, James
  Pollendine, Elizabeth 1836   Brown, Isaac
  Pollendine, Elizabeth 1765    
  Pollendine, Elizabeth 1813    
  Pollendine, Elizabeth Ellen 1873    
  Pollendine, Elizabeth Phoebe 9/12/1830 1880 Bott, Joseph Evans
  Pollendine, Ellen 1888 1954 Collins, Thomas Arthur
  Pollendine, Emily 1840    
  Pollendine, Emily Elizabeth 1839 1903 Kay, John
  Pollendine, Emily Mary 1887   Barley, Alick Arthur
  Pollendine, Emma 1861 1931 Fisher, William
  Pollendine, Ernest James 1881 1896  
  Pollendine, Ethel Manning 1888    
  Pollendine, Eveline 1891   Saunders, Emile
  Pollendine, Evelyn Florence 1/9/1908 2002 Skipp, Charles E
  Pollendine, Florence 1887   Wilbourn, Josephus
  Pollendine, Florence 1898    
  Pollendine, Francis George 7/12/1903 29/4/1963 Caldecoat, Olive Maud
  Pollendine, Francis William 1876 1943 Cornwall, Emily Edith
  Pollendine, Fred 1899 28/10/1918  
  Pollendine, Frederick John 1872 1939  
  Pollendine, George 28/5/1845 1933 McCarron, Mary Ann, Friday, Mary Ann C
  Pollendine, George 1837 1844  
  Pollendine, George 29/4/1909 1990 Checkley, Ida M, Nichols, Ruby
  Pollendine, George Abraham 9/2/1837 1837  
  Pollendine, George Graham 27/8/1917 1999 Palmer, Pearl M
  Pollendine, George Richard 6/9/1923 1996  
  Pollendine, Gertrude 21/5/1907    
  Pollendine, Gertrude Maud 1890   Taylor, James
  Pollendine, Harold Leonard 1879 1947 Unknown, Lizzie
  Pollendine, Harold Leonard 1901 1947 Bull, Olive A, Staples, Unknown
  Pollendine, Harriet 1846    
  Pollendine, Harry 1883    
  Pollendine, Helen Louisa 25/8/1897 30/7/1981 Jeal, John
  Pollendine, Henry 1839 17/3/1915 Unknown, Jane
  Pollendine, Henry Arthur 1874 26/1/1953 Hurry, Sarah Jane
  Pollendine, Herbert 1886 27/9/1916  
  Pollendine, Hilda Mary 20/11/1907 1909  
  Pollendine, Hubert Arthur 1/11/1907 1981 Wheeler, Wilmena Joan
  Pollendine, James 1/7/1878 23/12/1950 Dobinson, Edith
  Pollendine, James 1804 1867 Crane, Edith
  Pollendine, James 1850 9/12/1887 Beaumont, Mary
  Pollendine, James 28/7/1810   Parker, Susan, Unknown, Eliza
  Pollendine, James 1808 6/8/1886 Unknown, Margaret Eliza
  Pollendine, James 1851   Hardwicke, Ann
  Pollendine, James 1834 1834  
  Pollendine, James 1777 1837  
  Pollendine, James 8/4/1825    
  Pollendine, James 22/11/1931 1/4/2002 Elliott, [Living]
  Pollendine, James Peter 1926 1994  
  Pollendine, James Richard 22/4/1906 1988 Payne, Dorothy Rose
  Pollendine, James Robert 1866    
  Pollendine, James Thomas 11/6/1842 1844  
  Pollendine, Jane 1820    
  Pollendine, Jane Elizabeth 1868   Gough, Thomas
  Pollendine, Jeremiah 1809 21/2/1879 Adams, Hannah
  Pollendine, Jeremiah 1849 1911 Randall, Esther
  Pollendine, Jeremiah Orble 1882 1883  
  Pollendine, John 1803 1864 Longdon, Mary Ann
  Pollendine, John 1766 28/10/1812 Jennings, Edith
  Pollendine, John 1798 1877  
  Pollendine, John 1796 1796  
  Pollendine, John 1839 1908 Reeve, Sarah Ann
  Pollendine, John 1720   Unknown, Anne, Unknown, Sarah
  Pollendine, John 1752 1798 Thackthwaite, Mary
  Pollendine, John 1718 1719  
  Pollendine, John James 1905 1980 Bell, Lydia Wylam
  Pollendine, John Lock 1810 21/6/1839 Paul, Harriet
  Pollendine, John William Orble 8/1/1920 4/9/2006 Martin, Grace Helena
  Pollendine, Joseph 1770 1822 Webb, Elizabeth
  Pollendine, Joseph 15/12/1808 25/3/1809  
  Pollendine, Joseph 1799 1861 Knight, Anne
  Pollendine, Joseph 1730    
  Pollendine, Joseph     Unknown, Jane
  Pollendine, Joseph 1716    
  Pollendine, June Olive 28/5/1926 1992 Hall, Kenneth A
  Pollendine, Kathleen Elizabeth 14/10/1923 18/10/1997 White, Robert E
  Pollendine, Kenneth 1/6/1918 2002 Bingham, Clora J, Wright, Audrey
  Pollendine, Leonard G H 1923 1923  
  Pollendine, Leonard George 30/11/1924 2004 Witten, Evelyn Rose
  Pollendine, Louisa Caroline 14/7/1835   Unknown, Unknown, Binding, William
  Pollendine, Lucy 1841   Hyner, Henry
  Pollendine, Lucy 1785 1846 Carter, John
  Pollendine, Lydia 1805 1806  
  Pollendine, Martha 1786 1865 Newman, Matthew
  Pollendine, Mary 1800 8/3/1800  
  Pollendine, Mary 1833 1834  
  Pollendine, Mary 1771   Starling, John
  Pollendine, Mary 4/4/1742 1742  
  Pollendine, Mary 1823    
  Pollendine, Mary 1720    
  Pollendine, Mary Ann 1880 1/6/1963 Cockrill, William Henry
  Pollendine, Mary Ann 22/9/1829 11/6/1912 Benstead, Robert James Henry
  Pollendine, Mary Ann 14/11/1832    
  Pollendine, Mary Ann 1859    
  Pollendine, Mary Ann 1837    
  Pollendine, Mary Ann 1798 22/11/1871  
  Pollendine, Mary Anne 1835   Botwright, Frank
  Pollendine, Mary Anne 1852   Unknown, Unknown
  Pollendine, Mary Chalice 1786 1790  
  Pollendine, Mary Louise 14/5/1907 1980 Turner, William Thomas
  Pollendine, Matilda 1872   Prince, Alfred
  Pollendine, Maureen Anne 14/11/1942 29/12/2009 Lovegrove, Donald James
  Pollendine, Minnie 1880    
  Pollendine, Muriel Steed 7/11/1910 3/3/1943  
  Pollendine, Nora Eileen 23/7/1911 1979 Farrell, Thomas
  Pollendine, Nora Mary 1920 24/4/1954 Boyes, [Living]
  Pollendine, Orble William 7/4/1885 1968 Poulter, Emily Maud, Balkwill, Mary A
  Pollendine, Oswin Orble William 20/8/1913 12/10/1913  
  Pollendine, Patricia Lilly Ethel 9/4/1918 2/2/1983  
  Pollendine, Patrick Anthony 6/3/1970 1970  
  Pollendine, Percy 9/6/1905   McAtasney, Rose
  Pollendine, Percy Maxwell H 1886 1915 Jacklin, Martha Emily
  Pollendine, Peter John 12/1/1929 2002 Hyner, [Living]
  Pollendine, Robert 1882 1902  
  Pollendine, Robert 1842 13/1/1907 Horwood, Martha
  Pollendine, Robert W 1916 1916  
  Pollendine, Ronald 27/5/1926 12/4/2004  
  Pollendine, Rosina Elizabeth 1903    
  Pollendine, Samuel 1768 1831 Orble, Charlotte
  Pollendine, Samuel 8/3/1806 1857 Cook, Ann
  Pollendine, Samuel 1743 1795 Bradford, Elizabeth, Unknown, Elizabeth
  Pollendine, Samuel 1793 1850 Basham, Sarah
  Pollendine, Samuel 1845 1917 Coates, Jane Emma
  Pollendine, Samuel 1859 1859  
  Pollendine, Samuel 1717   Unknown, Mary, Carter, Elizabeth
  Pollendine, Samuel 1681   Williams, Anna
  Pollendine, Samuel     Unknown, Elizabeth
  Pollendine, Samuel Reeve 28/9/1863 1943 Manning, Mary
  Pollendine, Sarah 1804 1804  
  Pollendine, Sarah 1812 1842 Longdon, William Hill
  Pollendine, Sarah 1843   Fletcher, James
  Pollendine, Sarah 1780    
  Pollendine, Sarah Agnes 1896    
  Pollendine, Sarah Ann 1852   Hullyer, William
  Pollendine, Sheila Marjorie 7/3/1926 14/5/2007 Sanders, Charles Frederick
  Pollendine, Shirley 1943 1943  
  Pollendine, Susan 1873    
  Pollendine, Susan Harriet 22/11/1870    
  Pollendine, Susannah 1723   Woods, Richard
  Pollendine, Thomas 15/11/1910 1940 Birkin, [Living]
  Pollendine, Thomas Ernest 1932 2009 Hunt, [Living]
  Pollendine, Thomas George 9/1/1871 1936 Sadler, Nora
  Pollendine, Thomas John 20/9/1915 31/7/1987 Russell, Mary E
  Pollendine, Thomas Lock 1807    
  Pollendine, Thomas William 1897 1897  
  Pollendine, Violet Lizzie 1906    
  Pollendine, Walter 1776 1776  
  Pollendine, Walter 1877 1936 Foster, Ada
  Pollendine, Walter 1914 1989  
  Pollendine, Walter 1875 1875  
  Pollendine, Wilfred 5/6/1903   Bayley, Kathleen A
  Pollendine, William 1827 1902 Arnold, Jane
  Pollendine, William 1847 1924 Steed, Ellen
  Pollendine, William 1863 1930 Parker, Elizabeth
  Pollendine, William Henry 1899 5/9/1918  
  Pollendine, William Henry 1/8/1894 1976  
  Pollendine, William John 1876 1944 Packham, Ada Mary Ann, Mullett, Ada
  Pollendine, William Thomas 1847 1854  
  Pollendine, Winifred Evelyn 21/11/1913 2001 Henderson, Harold
  Pollendine, Winifred Gladys 1894    
  Pollendine, [Living]     Croucher, Eric W
  Pollendine, [Living]     Moore, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Chapple, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Turkentine, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Jones, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Campos Alvarez, [Living], Unknown, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Loudwell, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Ward, Thomas H
  Pollendine, [Living]     William S, Davis
  Pollendine, [Living]     Daniels, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Porter, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Arnold, Derek W
  Pollendine, [Living]     Clift, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Cole, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Johnson, George E
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Cooper, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Ofurum, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Bugg, Edna
  Pollendine, [Living]     Edmondson, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Glover, John H
  Pollendine, [Living]     Allen, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Burns, [Living], Longhurst, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Fairs, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Breeze, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Martin, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Toll, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Rawlings, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Bird, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Noakes, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Bird, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Severn, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     McAfee, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Grenfell, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Rodda, [Living], Hendley, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Towns, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Rose, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Kennedy, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Logan, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Ryan, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Atkins, John W
  Pollendine, [Living]     Mason, Betty, Ralph, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Rowley, [Living], Unknown, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Adams, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Baker, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]     Wood, [Living], Buckle, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Williams, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Franklin, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]      
  Pollendine, [Living]     Nicklin, [Living]
  Pollendine, [Living]      
Pope Pope, Emma      
  Pope, James 1904    
  Pope, Robert 1881   Shed, Alice
  Pope, Robert 6/5/1901   Wheeler, Fanny E
  Pope, [Living]      
Porter Porter, Charles Ambrose 21/9/1871 1952 Dobinson, Florence
  Porter, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Porter, [Living]      
  Porter, [Living]      
  Porter, [Living]      
  Porter, [Living]     Miskell, [Living]
Poulter Poulter, Bill     Pollendine, Beatrice Louise
  Poulter, Emily Maud 1877 1915 Pollendine, Orble William
  Poulter, [Living]      
Powel Powel, Elizabeth 1744   Harris, John
  Powel, Philip     Unknown, Elizabeth
Powell Powell, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
  Powell, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
  Powell, [Living]      
  Powell, [Living]      
Price Price, George 1729   Wells, Elizabeth
Prichard Prichard, Frances Marguerita 27/3/1910 19/10/1984 Thayer, Milton Butler
Prince Prince, Alfred 1876   Pollendine, Matilda
  Prince, Charlotte Annie Matilda 1904    
  Prince, Dorothea 1906    
  Prince, [Living]      
Pryce Pryce, [Living]     Farrell, [Living]
Pusey Pusey, Julia Ann 1838 1897 Turner, Henry
Quiney Quiney, Mary 1722   Crofts, William
Quinn Quinn, Ellen     Pollendine, Charles William
Ralph Ralph, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Randall Randall, Esther 1851 1942 Pollendine, Jeremiah
Ranner Ranner, Anne     Hazlewood, William
Rawlings Rawlings, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Rawlings, [Living]      
  Rawlings, [Living]      
Reddish Reddish, [Living]     Logan, [Living]
Redraw Redraw, [Living]     Tyner, [Living]
  Redraw, [Living]      
Reeve Reeve, Ann 1713   Gifford, Joseph
  Reeve, Doris Winifred Hannah 25/9/1904 1983 Turner, Percy Albert William
  Reeve, Elizabeth 1712    
  Reeve, James 1717    
  Reeve, Mary 1722    
  Reeve, Sarah 1720    
  Reeve, Sarah Ann 1837 1920 Pollendine, John
  Reeve, Thomas     Unknown, Elizabeth
  Reeve, Thomas 1715    
Rhodes Rhodes, [Living]     Seng, Charles Wesley
Richards Richards, Alice Mabel 1888 1893  
  Richards, Charles 1868    
  Richards, Dennis John 10/11/1934 2007
  Richards, George E     Sibley, [Living]
  Richards, Grace 1870    
  Richards, John Clement 9/3/1883 9/4/1977 Groves, Alice Kate Terrell
  Richards, John Terrell 4/5/1911 4/8/1987 Davidson, Alice Florence
  Richards, Mary 1866    
  Richards, Minnie 1876    
  Richards, Samuel     Unknown, Grace
  Richards, Sarah Ann 1880    
  Richards, Thomas 1839 1921 Doble, Eliza
  Richards, Thomas 1865    
  Richards, Walter 1879    
  Richards, William 1873    
  Richards, [Living]      
  Richards, [Living]      
  Richards, [Living]     Wheeler, [Living]
  Richards, [Living]      
Rider Rider, Albert 1871 1932 Shed, Amelia
  Rider, Albert 1899 1961  
  Rider, Albert 1900 1904  
  Rider, Amelia 1894    
  Rider, Annie 1896    
  Rider, Annie M 1888    
  Rider, Ellen E 1894    
  Rider, George 1902    
  Rider, Henry 17/12/1904 1972  
  Rider, Henry 1898    
  Rider, James 1869 1953 Shed, Sarah
  Rider, James 1890    
  Rider, Robert 1896    
  Rider, Thomas 1892    
  Rider, William John 1903    
  Rider, [Living]      
Robbins Robbins, [Living]     Seng, [Living]
  Robbins, [Living]      
  Robbins, [Living]      
  Robbins, [Living]      
  Robbins, [Living]      
Roberts Roberts, Edna     Fisher, Donald Vincent
Roche-Winson Roche-Winson, [Living]      
  Roche-Winson, [Living]      
  Roche-Winson, [Living]      
Rockal Rockal, Hannah 1776   Brown, Henry
  Rockal, Robert     Unknown, Jane
Rodda Rodda, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Rolling Rolling, [Living]     Young, [Living]
  Rolling, [Living]      
  Rolling, [Living]      
Rollins Rollins, Ann     Caulder, Thomas
Rose Rose, Eliza Sarah 1807   Davidson, George
  Rose, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Rothrock Rothrock, Charles Allen 12/3/1942 25/6/2002 Gruss, Alma Louise
  Rothrock, [Living]     Kerschbaum, [Living]
  Rothrock, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
  Rothrock, [Living]     Mansaray, [Living]
  Rothrock, [Living]      
  Rothrock, [Living]      
  Rothrock, [Living]      
  Rothrock, [Living]      
Rowley Rowley, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Ruse Ruse, Robert Charles 1872   Fletcher, Rosa
Russell Russell, Mary E     Pollendine, Thomas John
  Russell, [Living]     Towns, [Living]
Rutherford Rutherford, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
Ryan Ryan, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Ryan, [Living]      
Sadd Sadd, Caroline Maud 13/5/1894 26/4/1979 Dobinson, Alfred James
Sadler Sadler, Nora 1881 1961 Pollendine, Thomas George
Sage Sage, Ernest John 15/9/1925 2006  
  Sage, George 1921 1921  
  Sage, George L 1893 1928 Turner, Rebecca
  Sage, Sarah 1890   Fisher, Ernest Edward
Salmon Salmon, Charles William 1898    
  Salmon, Elizabeth 1894    
  Salmon, Harriet 31/12/1888    
  Salmon, James Edward 1860   Brown, Charlotte
  Salmon, James Edward 1892    
  Salmon, Lillian May 1903    
  Salmon, Lotty Elizabeth 1887    
  Salmon, Lucy Muriel 1900    
  Salmon, [Living]      
  Salmon, [Living]      
Sambrooks Sambrooks, Henry 1900 1969  
  Sambrooks, William 1879   Pollendine, Beatrice
Samuels Samuels, [Living]     Gabbitas, [Living]
  Samuels, [Living]      
  Samuels, [Living]      
Sanders Sanders, Charles Frederick     Pollendine, Sheila Marjorie
Sargood Sargood, Charles 1864    
  Sargood, Ellen 1861    
  Sargood, Florence 1876    
  Sargood, Frances Elizabeth 1870    
  Sargood, Henry 1839   Brown, Ellen
  Sargood, Henry 1862    
  Sargood, William 1866    
Saunders Saunders, Emile     Pollendine, Eveline
  Saunders, [Living]     Cullum, Frank
Saward Saward, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Sawyer Sawyer, Ann Hannah 1841 1915 Cotter, Hugh
  Sawyer, Catherine 1816    
  Sawyer, Charles 1814    
  Sawyer, Elizabeth 1843   Dobinson, George
  Sawyer, Frederick 1821    
  Sawyer, Frederick Henry 1873    
  Sawyer, George 21/5/1808 9/2/1863 Simes, Ann, Webb, Mary Ann
  Sawyer, George Henry 1832 17/7/1884 Fox, Harriett
  Sawyer, James Henry 15/10/1879 1959  
  Sawyer, John James 3/2/1848   Warren, Mary Ann
  Sawyer, John James 1906    
  Sawyer, Jonathan     Alsop, Sarah
  Sawyer, Mary Jane 1845 15/8/1906 Dobinson, Richard
  Sawyer, Samuel Francis 27/3/1856    
  Sawyer, Sarah Anne 1831    
  Sawyer, Thomas 1851    
  Sawyer, Thomas 1725   Ablet, Dinah
  Sawyer, Thomas William 1818    
  Sawyer, William 1853    
  Sawyer, William 1821 1/8/1821  
  Sawyer, William Edward 21/6/1881   Steele, Emily Ruth
Schmoyer Schmoyer, Marion Dean 30/6/1913 22/9/1989 Shrader, Ada Fidella
  Schmoyer, [Living]      
  Schmoyer, [Living]      
  Schmoyer, [Living]      
Scott Scott, [Living]    
Selby Selby, [Living]     Turner, [Living]
Sellwood Sellwood, Annie E 23/5/1891 1986 Turner, John
Seng Seng, Catherine Patricia 24/11/1957 31/12/1957  
  Seng, Charles Wesley 4/10/1937 20/6/2007 Rhodes, [Living]
  Seng, Warren Carl 29/4/1911 15/8/1986 Shrader, [Living]
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]     Lange, Lloyd George
  Seng, [Living]     Olin, Judy Ann
  Seng, [Living]     Wadsworth, [Living], Martin, [Living]
  Seng, [Living]     Fletcher, [Living]
  Seng, [Living]     Robbins, [Living]
  Seng, [Living]     Thomson, [Living], Farnsworth, [Living]
  Seng, [Living]     Barraclough, [Living]
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
  Seng, [Living]      
Severn Severn, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Sheard Sheard, [Living]     Burdett, [Living]
Shed Shed, Albert 29/4/1864 1939  
  Shed, Albert 19/9/1880    
  Shed, Albert 1894    
  Shed, Alice 8/9/1882   Pope, Robert
  Shed, Amelia 15/7/1873 1944 Rider, Albert
  Shed, Amelia 1885   Owen, Henry William
  Shed, Amelia Elizabeth 21/9/1884    
  Shed, Amy 1889    
  Shed, Charles 27/4/1896    
  Shed, Charles Henry R 27/2/1933 25/1/1997 Cleave, [Living]
  Shed, Elizabeth 1895    
  Shed, Elizabeth 16/3/1895 1972 Amer, Benjamin
  Shed, Emily 1887    
  Shed, Emily 1879    
  Shed, Emily 1897    
  Shed, Emma 1894    
  Shed, Fanny 1898    
  Shed, George 1891    
  Shed, Henry William 7/10/1910 1977 Singleton, Martha L
  Shed, Jane 14/10/1882    
  Shed, Jane Liza 24/12/1889 1978  
  Shed, John 1857 1937 Whild, Emily, Cort, Elizabeth
  Shed, John 1892    
  Shed, John 1877    
  Shed, Kate 1888    
  Shed, Mary 1889   Unknown, Unknown
  Shed, Mary 1880    
  Shed, Mary Ann 1858 1943 Turner, Henry
  Shed, Mary Emma 6/4/1895    
  Shed, Matilda 1883    
  Shed, Phoebe 1896    
  Shed, Richard George 25/1/1913 1992 Underwood, Rose A
  Shed, Robert 1853 1887 Brown, Catherine
  Shed, Robert 1800 1840 Larkin, Ann
  Shed, Robert 1890    
  Shed, Robert Joseph G 1909 1909  
  Shed, Robert William 25/9/1880 1955 Irons, Edith
  Shed, Rupert 1891    
  Shed, Samuel 14/1/1878    
  Shed, Sarah 6/2/1869 1952 Rider, James
  Shed, Sarah 28/4/1887    
  Shed, Sarah Ann 15/12/1897    
  Shed, Thomas 1861 1937 Wheeler, Eliza
  Shed, Thomas 1891    
  Shed, William 1821 1892 White, Mary Ann
  Shed, William 1851   Field, Isabella, Brown, Catherine
  Shed, William 1887   Owen, Nellie
  Shed, William George 1937 6/6/2007 Braim, Gillian Sandra
  Shed, William Thomas 14/2/1876 1939 Wood, Winifred Violet
  Shed, William Thomas 1916 1954  
  Shed, [Living]     Turner, Joseph Thomas
  Shed, [Living]      
  Shed, [Living]      
  Shed, [Living]      
  Shed, [Living]      
  Shed, [Living]      
  Shed, [Living]     Powell, [Living]
  Shed, [Living]     Stevens, [Living], Curran, [Living]
  Shed, [Living]     Hemmings, [Living]
  Shed, [Living]     Dodds, [Living], McKerrow, [Living]
  Shed, [Living]     Nicholson, [Living]
  Shed, [Living]     Collins, [Living]
  Shed, [Living]     Rutherford, [Living]
  Shed, [Living]      
  Shed, [Living]      
  Shed, [Living]     Daws, [Living]
  Shed, [Living]     Welch, [Living]
Short Short, George     Orble, Agnes Emma
Shrader Shrader, Ada Fidella 15/10/1919 4/4/2011 Schmoyer, Marion Dean
  Shrader, Alfred Otis 31/1/1913 13/8/1963 Wagoner, Mildred
  Shrader, Charles August 3/4/1876 7/11/1943 Butler, Jessie May
  Shrader, Charles August 2/2/1911 17/11/1977 Martin, [Living]
  Shrader, Merl Lavern 8/1/1918 3/5/1994 Oldis, Veva Ora
  Shrader, Nellie Rachel 6/1/1909 14/4/2006 Stevens, Robert A
  Shrader, [Living]     Draper, Thomas Eugene, Seng, Warren Carl, Daniels, Arthur Frederick
  Shrader, [Living]      
  Shrader, [Living]      
  Shrader, [Living]      
  Shrader, [Living]      
  Shrader, [Living]     Holdeman, [Living]
  Shrader, [Living]      
Sibley Sibley, Alfred James 9/11/1861 1949 Turner, Maria
  Sibley, Alfred Thomas 1887    
  Sibley, Bert Edward 1890    
  Sibley, Harry Arthur 1888    
  Sibley, Josephine Maria 1932 22/7/1991  
  Sibley, Patricia Jacqueline 10/11/1923 31/7/1994  
  Sibley, William James 18/12/1888 1956 Bower, Lammataina
  Sibley, [Living]     Richards, George E
  Sibley, [Living]      
Simes Simes, Albert 1860    
  Simes, Ann 1816 10/12/1887 Sawyer, George
  Simes, Edwin 1824   Crawhurst, Mary Ann
  Simes, Edwin B W 1856    
  Simes, Elizabeth 1781 1858  
  Simes, Harriet 1792    
  Simes, James 1812 Elphick, Ann
  Simes, James 1775    
  Simes, Jane 1820    
  Simes, Jane 1791 11/9/1791  
  Simes, John 1779   Woodiwiss, Mary
  Simes, Mary 1783    
  Simes, Philley 1789    
  Simes, Samuel 1787    
  Simes, Sarah 1784    
Simpkins Simpkins, [Living]     Andersen, [Living]
Simpson Simpson, [Living]     Barker, [Living]
  Simpson, [Living]      
Sinclair Sinclair, [Living]     Miskell, [Living]
  Sinclair, [Living]      
Singleton Singleton, Martha L     Shed, Henry William
Skidmore Skidmore, Rebecca 1849 1886 Turner, William
Skipp Skipp, Charles E     Pollendine, Evelyn Florence
  Skipp, [Living]      
  Skipp, [Living]     Bailey, [Living]
  Skipp, [Living]     Evans, [Living]
  Skipp, [Living]      
  Skipp, [Living]      
  Skipp, [Living]      
Slater Slater, Alice     Fisher, Arthur Stanley
Smith Smith, Alfred 26/10/1890 1937 Chilton, Edith
  Smith, Alfred Roland 1929 1930  
  Smith, Annie 1861   Dobinson, George Miles
  Smith, Brenda 1935 1935  
  Smith, Doris 1927 1930  
  Smith, Edith 15/8/1916 1992 Trumper, George
  Smith, Elizabeth 1857    
  Smith, Emily 1881    
  Smith, Freda 1/3/1924 1942  
  Smith, Henry 1860    
  Smith, Isabel 23/10/1919 2006 Wood, Henry Thorpe, Andersen, Leif Ranwald
  Smith, James H     Dixon, Emily Jane
  Smith, Joseph 1853    
  Smith, Lilian 1921 1922  
  Smith, Mary Ann 8/11/1872 1958 Unknown, Unknown, Myers, William, Perry, Esau
  Smith, Sarah 1851   Trumper, Henry Arthur
  Smith, Thomas 1823   Dobinson, Elizabeth Ann
  Smith, Thomas 1851    
  Smith, Thomas 1835 1886 Coverdale, Sarah
  Smith, Thomas 1875    
  Smith, William 1859    
  Smith, [Living]      
  Smith, [Living]     Leonard, Edward Daniel
  Smith, [Living]     Gott, [Living], Doyle, [Living], Hurren, [Living]
Sorenson Sorenson, Mildred Leona 29/8/1913 21/9/1974 Butler, James Rudolph
Spelman Spelman, Ann 1743    
  Spelman, Edward     Lardner, Sarah
  Spelman, Edward 1746    
  Spelman, John 1735    
  Spelman, Mary 1740   Emmons, Phillip
  Spelman, Sarah 1737    
Spence Spence, Frances 1861   Brown, Charles
Spencer Spencer, Cyril 23/3/1909 22/11/1997  
  Spencer, Elliott Victor 4/12/1885 21/1/1977 Notley, Jessie May
  Spencer, Francis     Unknown, Unknown
  Spencer, Hannah 1754   Woodiwiss, William
  Spencer, Henry Lee 27/3/1912 28/6/2000  
  Spencer, Juanita May      
  Spencer, Raymond Victor      
Squire Squire, Elsie 27/7/1902 11/9/1985 Benstead, Victor James
Staples Staples, Unknown     Pollendine, Harold Leonard
Starling Starling, James     Orble, Rebecca
  Starling, John     Pollendine, Mary
Steed Steed, Ellen 1860 1911 Pollendine, William
Steele Steele, Emily Ruth 1885   Sawyer, William Edward
Stevens Stevens, Esther Amelia 1871   Binding, Samuel James
  Stevens, Irvin James 30/1/1935 1998  
  Stevens, Robert A 30/12/1903 21/11/1980 Shrader, Nellie Rachel
  Stevens, [Living]      
  Stevens, [Living]      
  Stevens, [Living]      
  Stevens, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
Stewart Stewart, Nora Ellen 1888 1952 Dobinson, Albert Edward
Stone Stone, Martha 1811 1879 Trumper, Arthur
  Stone, William     Unknown, Unknown
Stonebridge Stonebridge, Noel James 25/12/1913 2005 Davidson, Elsie Phyllis
  Stonebridge, [Living]      
  Stonebridge, [Living]      
Storer Storer, Elizabeth   1784 Woodiwiss, John
Storey Storey, Sheldon 4/3/1889 1962 Butler, Grace M
  Storey, [Living]      
  Storey, [Living]      
Sturgess Sturgess, Hubert Charles 1895   Fletcher, Beatrice Sarah
Sullivan Sullivan, Clara Jane 1868   Kay, Frederick John James
Sutton Sutton, James 1903    
  Sutton, James Robinson 1880 1909 Dobinson, Maud Mary
  Sutton, Stanley 1904    
Swann Swann, George     Orble, Mary
Symonds Symonds, George 1848   Orble, Ann
Syrett Syrett, [Living]     Turner, Ronald George
Szell Szell, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Tatton Tatton, Albert 5/8/1879 17/9/1946 Pollendine, Beatrice
  Tatton, Albert Edward 25/1/1912 1984  
  Tatton, Harold 1910 1996  
  Tatton, Leslie 1922 1975  
  Tatton, Lily 19/10/1916 1971  
  Tatton, Mary 18/6/1924 4/6/1999 Drummond, Robert Houston
Taylor Taylor, James 1882   Pollendine, Gertrude Maud
  Taylor, Martha     Hinton, James
  Taylor, [Living]      
  Taylor, [Living]      
  Taylor, [Living]      
Terrell Terrell, Annie Alice 1857   Groves, Robert Henry
Terry Terry, Carey Elmore 11/12/1885 1968 John, Ida Anna
  Terry, Daniel F 17/11/1888 19/3/1953  
  Terry, Frank M 27/9/1858 18/4/1938 Butler, Annie
  Terry, Nellie Gertrude 1901 8/1/1959  
  Terry, Phyllis A 1918 1983 Gillies, Kent
Thackthwaite Thackthwaite, Mary 1839 Pollendine, John
Thayer Thayer, Dale   2016  
  Thayer, Francis Lafayette 5/3/1877 5/6/1936 Butler, Grace Eleanor
  Thayer, James      
  Thayer, Jeryl      
  Thayer, Milton Butler 28/6/1909 17/2/1990 Prichard, Frances Marguerita
  Thayer, Thelma Butler 1907 19/8/1974 Brewington, Gail
Thompson Thompson, Edith M 1900    
  Thompson, Mabel E 1896    
  Thompson, William 1873   Kay, Agnes M
Thomson Thomson, [Living]     Seng, [Living]
Thorby Thorby, Winifred M 1907 1937 Pollendine, Alfred William
Thorogood Thorogood, Lydia 16/12/1774   Watts, William
  Thorogood, Mercy 1772 1772  
  Thorogood, Richard 1731 1796 Fitzwater, Rebecca
  Thorogood, Richard 1766 1766  
  Thorogood, Thomas 1768 1768  
  Thorogood, Thomas 8/6/1778    
  Thorogood, Thomas     Unknown, Unknown
Thorpe Thorpe, Ada 1881   Hullyer, William John
Thurgar Thurgar, Agnes Elizabeth     Bentlye, John
Timson Timson, [Living]     Abbott, [Living]
  Timson, [Living]     Harrington, [Living]
  Timson, [Living]      
  Timson, [Living]      
  Timson, [Living]      
Tinham Tinham, Grace Evelyn 5/3/1921 2000 Gabbitas, Arthur Walter A
  Tinham, Priscilla Emma 6/6/1818 1970  
  Tinham, William Charles 8/8/1880 1949 Turner, Priscilla Maud
Todd Todd, [Living]     Fogden, [Living]
Toll Toll, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Toll, [Living]      
  Toll, [Living]      
Tolley Tolley, Alice Maud 10/3/1910 1995 Abbott, Thomas Abraham
  Tolley, Arthur Phillip Edward 1885   Hughes, Sarah
  Tolley, [Living]      
  Tolley, [Living]      
  Tolley, [Living]      
  Tolley, [Living]      
Tomlinson Tomlinson, Harry R 30/8/1926 1979 Turner, Wendy Elaine
  Tomlinson, [Living]      
  Tomlinson, [Living]     Troutt, [Living]
  Tomlinson, [Living]      
  Tomlinson, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
  Tomlinson, [Living]      
  Tomlinson, [Living]      
Töpperwien Töpperwien, Bärbel Hanna Dora 24/7/1943 20/3/2004 Turner, William Kenneth, Farrar, [Living], Farrow, [Living], Hammerstone, [Living]
  Töpperwien, Elly 1924 10/7/2012 Beecham, Frederick George
  Töpperwien, Erna     Boschen, Wilhelm
  Töpperwien, Friedel     Unknown, Edith
  Töpperwien, Hanna     Unknown, Willi
  Töpperwien, Herbert      
  Töpperwien, Unknown     Unknown, Unknown
  Töpperwien, Unknown     Unknown, Unknown
  Töpperwien, [Living]      
Tortoishell Tortoishell, Isaac     Woodiwiss, Jane
  Tortoishell, John 24/11/1778    
Towns Towns, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Towns, [Living]     Harris, [Living]
  Towns, [Living]     Russell, [Living]
  Towns, [Living]      
  Towns, [Living]      
Townsend Townsend, Frederick     Mansbridge, Ellen Isabella
Troutt Troutt, [Living]     Tomlinson, [Living]
Trumper Trumper, Ann 1846    
  Trumper, Arthur 1803 1881 Stone, Martha
  Trumper, Edward 1578 1659 Morton, Ann
  Trumper, Ellen 1874    
  Trumper, George 22/2/1918 2001 Smith, Edith
  Trumper, George 21/11/1878   Broom, Daisy Hilda
  Trumper, Helen 1852    
  Trumper, Henry 1872    
  Trumper, Henry 1619 1661 Weatherhead, Martha
  Trumper, Henry Arthur 1850 1892 Smith, Sarah
  Trumper, Henry Arthur 29/10/1905 1981  
  Trumper, Hilda May 11/5/1911 1991  
  Trumper, John 1661 1738 Cocke, Mary
  Trumper, Margaret 1841    
  Trumper, Mary 1842    
  Trumper, Patty 1836    
  Trumper, Ralph 1705 24/10/1782 Philipson, Margaret
  Trumper, Richard 1550 1610 Honor, Agnes
  Trumper, Thomas 1750 1811 Hatch, Hannah
  Trumper, William 1873    
  Trumper, William 1848    
  Trumper, Winifred Lillian 27/5/1904 1989  
Tschense Tschense, [Living]     Kantel, [Living]
  Tschense, [Living]      
  Tschense, [Living]      
Tuckwell Tuckwell, Sarah 1814   Dobinson, William
Turkentine Turkentine, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Turkentine, [Living]      
  Turkentine, [Living]      
Turner Turner, Ada Ann 1911 1911  
  Turner, Albert 1881    
  Turner, Albert 8/12/1875 1877  
  Turner, Alfred 1905    
  Turner, Alice 1894    
  Turner, Alice Marie 1884    
  Turner, Alice Maud 22/11/1901 7/4/1910  
  Turner, Alice Maud 2/2/1900 1902  
  Turner, Ann 1763    
  Turner, Ann 1742    
  Turner, Anne 6/10/1837 1862  
  Turner, Annie 1874 1875  
  Turner, Barbara M 1933 1936  
  Turner, Daisy 1889    
  Turner, Dorothy E 1921 2009  
  Turner, Edith Violet 1901    
  Turner, Edward 1860   Bradley, Martha
  Turner, Edward 1887    
  Turner, Edward 1896    
  Turner, Eileen Mary 10/1/1930 2003 Winson, Allen, McLaughlin, [Living], Unknown, [Living]
  Turner, Eliza 1854 1936 Dixon, George William Drew
  Turner, Eliza 1828 1850  
  Turner, Elizabeth 1886    
  Turner, Elizabeth 1890    
  Turner, Elizabeth 1871 1911 Owen, Henry Hubert
  Turner, Elizabeth 1788    
  Turner, Elizabeth 1737    
  Turner, Ellen 1867 1874  
  Turner, Ellen 29/12/1880 1883  
  Turner, Emily Maria 3/4/1847 1869  
  Turner, Emily Maria 18/7/1886 1971 Akerman, Albert
  Turner, Emily Turner 1891 12/11/1961 Kellett, James
  Turner, Ernest 2/2/1877 1949 Wright, Agnes
  Turner, Fanny 1751    
  Turner, Florence 1902    
  Turner, Florence Rebecca 11/10/1909 20/6/1987  
  Turner, Francis 1730   Unknown, Ann
  Turner, Frederick 17/6/1882 1964 Warwick, Rebecca
  Turner, Frederick Arthur 15/2/1908 1989 Nicholas, Alice Frances
  Turner, George 1851   Pittman, Elizabeth
  Turner, George 8/4/1894 1894  
  Turner, George Charles 1904 1954  
  Turner, George E 1879    
  Turner, George Edward 17/12/1912 1994 Lynch, May Louise
  Turner, George Edward 1880 1947 Unknown, Edith Alice
  Turner, George Henry 1/4/1876 1890  
  Turner, Harry 30/3/1898 1973 Evans, Lilian Ada
  Turner, Henry 1856 1934 Shed, Mary Ann
  Turner, Henry 19/10/1878 1936  
  Turner, Henry 1826 1874 Pusey, Julia Ann
  Turner, James 1781    
  Turner, James 1761    
  Turner, John 1858   Perryman, Elizabeth
  Turner, John 29/9/1887 1972 Sellwood, Annie E
  Turner, John 1754 1827 Lee, Phyllis
  Turner, John 1789    
  Turner, John Henry 13/1/1874 1945 Bidewell, Martha Emma
  Turner, Joseph Henry 3/10/1906 6/1/1914  
  Turner, Joseph John 25/11/1892 1893  
  Turner, Joseph S 1900    
  Turner, Joseph Thomas 8/1/1910 1972 Shed, [Living]
  Turner, Kathleen F 1917 2009  
  Turner, Lillian Ivy 1906    
  Turner, Lilly Rose 23/1/1889   Unknown, Unknown
  Turner, Louisa 1834 1846  
  Turner, Margaret Delphine 4/11/1930 18/3/2012 Chapman, Kenneth
  Turner, Maria 11/7/1864 1954 Sibley, Alfred James
  Turner, Mary Ann 1820 1829  
  Turner, Mary Ann Elizabeth 28/8/1900 1900  
  Turner, Mary Ann Elizabeth 1884 1951 Brophy, James Edward, Nash, Harry
  Turner, Mary Victoria 1903    
  Turner, Maud 1888   Morss, William Henry
  Turner, Maud E 1893    
  Turner, Norman Arthur 24/2/1925 1989 Barnes, Edith J
  Turner, Percy Albert William 21/10/1904 1984 Reeve, Doris Winifred Hannah
  Turner, Priscilla Maud 7/11/1896 1971 Tinham, William Charles
  Turner, Rebecca 1894   Sage, George L, Williams, Arthur I
  Turner, Rebecca Jane 1880 1880  
  Turner, Rebekah 1756    
  Turner, Robert 1786    
  Turner, Robert Edwin     Dobinson, Elizabeth Hannah
  Turner, Roland John 10/2/1923 2002 Marshall, Isabella M
  Turner, Ronald George 21/10/1928 1997 Syrett, [Living]
  Turner, Samuel     Weal, Jane
  Turner, Sarah 15/9/1909 17/5/1978 Fogden, Henry Alfred
  Turner, Sarah 11/11/1887   Clark, Leonard Francis
  Turner, Sarah 1824 1907 Carter, Richard
  Turner, Sarah 1873 1873  
  Turner, Sarah 1862 1866  
  Turner, Sarah Ann 1873 1930 Mansbridge, Alfred John
  Turner, Sarah Martha 15/6/1885 1973 Wakeman, Frederick Walter
  Turner, Stanley Bruce 18/5/1929 2004 Doe, [Living]
  Turner, Thomas 1849   Faulkner, Lydia
  Turner, Thomas 1794 1848 Watts, Mary
  Turner, Thomas 2/12/1895 1974  
  Turner, Thomas 1869    
  Turner, Thomas Albert 1882   Wright, Rosina Maud
  Turner, Thomas John 8/10/1884 1885  
  Turner, Valerie Evelyn 22/7/1933 6/7/2014 Cooper, John Gordon W
  Turner, Vera Jean 1926 2005  
  Turner, Wendy Elaine 18/8/1941 2000 Tomlinson, Harry R
  Turner, Wilfred Andrew 2/4/1909 1979  
  Turner, William 20/5/1881 5/4/1970 Hughes, Elizabeth
  Turner, William 1823 1872 Brown, Maria
  Turner, William 1845 1902 Skidmore, Rebecca, Warwick, Alice
  Turner, William 1889    
  Turner, William 1897    
  Turner, William 1890    
  Turner, William 1790    
  Turner, William 1758    
  Turner, William 1734    
  Turner, William Enoch 1871 1879  
  Turner, William James 30/4/1878 1960 Odell, Matilda
  Turner, William Kenneth 14/10/1927 1/12/1974 Töpperwien, Bärbel Hanna Dora, Hawkins, [Living]
  Turner, William Thomas 24/12/1903 1980 Pollendine, Mary Louise
  Turner, [Living]    
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]     Grant, [Living]
  Turner, [Living]     Selby, [Living]
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]     Harper, [Living]
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
  Turner, [Living]      
Tyner Tyner, [Living]     Butler, [Living]
  Tyner, [Living]     Redraw, [Living]
  Tyner, [Living]      
Underwood Underwood, Rose A     Shed, Richard George
Unknown Unknown, Abigail     Draper, Edward
  Unknown, Ann 1697 Ashbey, Robert
  Unknown, Ann     Turner, Francis
  Unknown, Ann     Ablet, Isaac
  Unknown, Anne     Pollendine, John
  Unknown, Anne     Orble, Ambrose
  Unknown, Catherine 1834   Brown, William
  Unknown, Catherine 1806   White, Joseph
  Unknown, Edith     Töpperwien, Friedel
  Unknown, Edith Alice 1881   Turner, George Edward
  Unknown, Eliza 1820   Pollendine, James
  Unknown, Elizabeth   1763 Pollendine, Samuel
  Unknown, Elizabeth 1768 Bradford, Walter
  Unknown, Elizabeth 1681 Ashbey, Robert
  Unknown, Elizabeth     Arnold, George
  Unknown, Elizabeth     Powel, Philip
  Unknown, Elizabeth     Pollendine, Samuel
  Unknown, Elizabeth     Gifford, John
  Unknown, Elizabeth     Reeve, Thomas
  Unknown, Elizabeth     Hinton, Thomas
  Unknown, Elizabeth     Chilton, William
  Unknown, Elizabeth     Webb, Walter
  Unknown, Ellyn 1588 Missing, William
  Unknown, Emmie 1876   Fletcher, John
  Unknown, Grace     Richards, Samuel
  Unknown, Jane 1839 1909 Pollendine, Henry
  Unknown, Jane     Oliver, John
  Unknown, Jane     Pollendine, Joseph
  Unknown, Jane     Rockal, Robert
  Unknown, Lizzie 1881   Pollendine, Harold Leonard
  Unknown, Margaret Eliza 1812 1885 Pollendine, James
  Unknown, Martha     Cadman, John
  Unknown, Mary     Fitzwater, Joseph
  Unknown, Mary   Pollendine, Samuel
  Unknown, Mary     Banyard, John
  Unknown, Mary     Miles, James
  Unknown, Rachel 1852   Hazlewood, Francis
  Unknown, Sarah 1837 1906 Edington, Peter
  Unknown, Sarah 1794 1874 Oliver, Thomas
  Unknown, Sarah 1819   Farrington, John
  Unknown, Sarah     Pollendine, John
  Unknown, Sarah     Farrington, William
  Unknown, Sarah     Wayeman, William
  Unknown, Susannah     Dobinson, George
  Unknown, Unknown     McCarron, Thomas
  Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Charlotte
  Unknown, Unknown     Wells, John
  Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Louisa Caroline
  Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Mary Anne
  Unknown, Unknown     Fyncham, John
  Unknown, Unknown     Turner, Lilly Rose
  Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Catherine
  Unknown, Unknown     Thorogood, Thomas
  Unknown, Unknown     Pollard, Susanna
  Unknown, Unknown     Orble, Mary
  Unknown, Unknown     Oliver, Emily
  Unknown, Unknown     Orble, Mary
  Unknown, Unknown     Wheatcroft, Richard
  Unknown, Unknown     Shed, Mary
  Unknown, Unknown     Pollendine, Eliza Maria
  Unknown, Unknown     Ashman, Marcy
  Unknown, Unknown     Watts, Mary
  Unknown, Unknown     Töpperwien, Unknown
  Unknown, Unknown     Töpperwien, Unknown
  Unknown, Unknown     Stone, William
  Unknown, Unknown     Spencer, Francis
  Unknown, Unknown     Smith, Mary Ann
  Unknown, Unknown     Lowman, William
  Unknown, Willi     Töpperwien, Hanna
  Unknown, [Living]     Rothrock, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Turner, Eileen Mary
  Unknown, [Living]     Carrico, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Carrico, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Chambers, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Winson, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Kantel, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Kantel, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]     Kantel, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]     Moore, [Living]
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]      
  Unknown, [Living]     Tomlinson, [Living]
Wadsworth Wadsworth, [Living]     Seng, [Living]
Wagoner Wagoner, Mildred     Shrader, Alfred Otis
Waite Waite, Viva Burnes     Butler, Joseph Samuel
Wakeman Wakeman, Albert E 6/5/1919 2/5/1993 Jay, Irene Hilda
  Wakeman, Frederick Walter 1884 12/11/1932 Turner, Sarah Martha
  Wakeman, [Living]      
  Wakeman, [Living]     Barker, [Living]
Wall Wall, Edith 1891 1963 Pollendine, Charles Henry
  Wall, Samuel   1772 Woodiwiss, Jane
Ward Ward, Thomas H     Pollendine, [Living]
  Ward, [Living]     Peaty, [Living]
  Ward, [Living]      
  Ward, [Living]      
  Ward, [Living]      
Warren Warren, Mary Ann 1857   Sawyer, John James
Warwick Warwick, Alice 1854   Turner, William
  Warwick, Rebecca 4/6/1881 1975 Turner, Frederick
Watkins Watkins, Ethel Charlotte 7/1/1895 1982 Pollendine, Charles
Watts Watts, Charles 1839    
  Watts, Eliza 1853    
  Watts, Emily 1797 1869 Brown, William
  Watts, Emma 1849    
  Watts, Francis 1847    
  Watts, Henry 1/6/1841    
  Watts, James 1862    
  Watts, John 1816 1867 Bennett, Rebecca
  Watts, John 1845    
  Watts, Mary 7/10/1795 1860 Turner, Thomas, Unknown, Unknown
  Watts, Rebecca 1843    
  Watts, Thomas 1853    
  Watts, Walter 1859    
  Watts, William   Thorogood, Lydia
  Watts, William Henry     Pollendine, Beatrice Ada
  Watts, [Living]     Loudwell, [Living]
  Watts, [Living]      
  Watts, [Living]      
Wayeman Wayeman, Mary 26/1/1709   Alder, John
  Wayeman, William     Unknown, Sarah
Weal Weal, Jane     Turner, Samuel
Weatherhead Weatherhead, Martha 1629 1688 Trumper, Henry
Weaver Weaver, Ida Mae 18/1/1915 2/11/2007 Butler, Vernon L
Webb Webb, Elizabeth 1776 1816 Pollendine, Joseph
  Webb, Elizabeth Ann 20/8/1800 1868 Dobinson, William
  Webb, George 1810    
  Webb, Mary Ann 1809 1832 Sawyer, George
  Webb, Thomas 14/12/1803    
  Webb, Walter 1770 1844 Draper, Ann
  Webb, Walter     Unknown, Elizabeth
  Webb, [Living]     Cullum, [Living]
  Webb, [Living]      
  Webb, [Living]      
Welch Welch, [Living]     Shed, [Living]
Wells Wells, Alice 1717    
  Wells, Elizabeth 1731   Price, George
  Wells, Frances 1752 1837 Orble, John
  Wells, Frances 1717    
  Wells, John     Unknown, Unknown
  Wells, Mary 1748    
  Wells, Simon 1722   Ashbey, Margaret
  Wells, Simon 1692   Bracket, Frances
  Wells, William 1726    
Wheatcroft Wheatcroft, Jane 1674   Woodiwiss, John
  Wheatcroft, Richard     Unknown, Unknown
Wheeler Wheeler, Eliza 1866   Shed, Thomas
  Wheeler, Fanny E 8/4/1903   Pope, Robert
  Wheeler, Wilmena Joan 5/6/1921 1998 Pollendine, Hubert Arthur
  Wheeler, [Living]     Richards, [Living]
  Wheeler, [Living]      
Whild Whild, Emily 1857   Shed, John
White White, Alfred 1820    
  White, Catherine 1836    
  White, Charlotte 1804    
  White, Elizabeth 1832    
  White, Emma 1836    
  White, Francis 1745   Alder, Sarah
  White, George 1826    
  White, George 1829    
  White, James 1847    
  White, John 1828    
  White, John 1792    
  White, Joseph 1797 1868 Unknown, Catherine
  White, Mary 1799    
  White, Mary Ann 1831 1919 Shed, William
  White, Robert 1826    
  White, Robert E     Pollendine, Kathleen Elizabeth
  White, Sarah 1840    
  White, Sophia 1823   Bishop, William
  White, Thomas 1789 1851 Harding, Amelia
  White, Thomas 1842 1852  
  White, William 1837    
  White, William 1840    
  White, [Living]     Card, [Living]
Whitehead Whitehead, Albert Edward 1886 1887  
  Whitehead, Benjamin Ryley 1856   Dobinson, Dinah Maria
  Whitehead, Henry 1885    
  Whitehead, Lillian Violet 4/3/1890    
  Whitehead, Maude Beatrice 15/9/1882    
  Whitehead, Sydney Thomas 1886 1887  
Whitney Whitney, Emily 1888   Dobinson, William F
Whitsell Whitsell, Ruth     Butler, Volney A
Wilbourn Wilbourn, Josephus 1881   Pollendine, Florence
  Wilbourn, [Living]      
  Wilbourn, [Living]      
  Wilbourn, [Living]      
William S William S, Davis     Pollendine, [Living]
Williams Williams, Anna 1753 Pollendine, Samuel
  Williams, Arthur I     Turner, Rebecca
  Williams, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
Willson Willson, [Living]     Chambers, [Living]
Wilson Wilson, Mary     Fisher, William Arthur
Winchurst Winchurst, Doris Matilda 22/3/1909 16/7/1998 Fisher, Henry
Windson Windson, Mary Ann 1855   Dobinson, Arthur
Winson Winson, Allen 1930 18/10/2010 Turner, Eileen Mary
  Winson, [Living]     Unknown, [Living]
Winter Winter, Fanny 1796   Edington, William
Witten Witten, Evelyn Rose 18/6/1923 27/6/2010 Pollendine, Leonard George
Wood Wood, Henry Thorpe 22/4/1913 1997 Smith, Isabel
  Wood, Robin Hamilton 9/10/1958 22/6/2007  
  Wood, Unknown     Fisher, Unknown
  Wood, Winifred Violet 1887   Shed, William Thomas
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]     Pollendine, [Living]
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]     Newson, [Living]
  Wood, [Living]      
  Wood, [Living]      
Woodhams Woodhams, Florence Mary 21/2/1900   Davidson, William Thomas
Woodiwiss Woodiwiss, Elizabeth 8/3/1780    
  Woodiwiss, Elizabeth 1750   Nickson, Richard
  Woodiwiss, Hannah 4/4/1785    
  Woodiwiss, Jane 1746   Wall, Samuel, Tortoishell, Isaac
  Woodiwiss, John 1717 1763 Storer, Elizabeth
  Woodiwiss, John     Wheatcroft, Jane
  Woodiwiss, John 1744 1763  
  Woodiwiss, Mary 28/2/1782 1862 Simes, John
  Woodiwiss, Mary 1756   Brown, William
  Woodiwiss, Sarah 1758    
  Woodiwiss, William 1753   Spencer, Hannah
Woods Woods, Richard     Pollendine, Susannah
  Woods, Richard 1743    
Wright Wright, Agnes 7/10/1876   Turner, Ernest
  Wright, Albert Edward     Dobinson, Ada
  Wright, Audrey 1928 15/2/2012 Pollendine, Kenneth
  Wright, Elizabeth Sarah 1905    
  Wright, Harry 1904    
  Wright, Josiah 1864   Pollendine, Alice
  Wright, Josiah Wilfred 1902    
  Wright, Rosina Maud 1884 1922 Turner, Thomas Albert
  Wright, [Living]     Young, [Living]
  Wright, [Living]      
Wyard Wyard, Elizabeth     Orble, Ambrose
Yarnold Yarnold, Rosanna 1830   Hughes, William
Young Young Jr, William Rankin 16/2/1927 12/6/1968 Higgins, [Living]
  Young [Living], [Living]      
  Young, William Rankin 10/1/1901 1975 Butler, Nellie Rachel
  Young, [Living]     Frey, [Living]
  Young, [Living]     McKinna, [Living]
  Young, [Living]      
  Young, [Living]     Wright, [Living]
  Young, [Living]     Ernest, [Living]
  Young, [Living]     Rolling, [Living]
  Young, [Living]      
  Young, [Living]      
Zeller Zeller, Hilda Emily 24/6/1892 26/12/1947 Butler, James Grant