Chilton, Edith

Birth Name Chilton, Edith
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 8 months, 17 days


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Chilton, Samuel14/6/18461925
Mother Farrington, Elizabeth18451902
    Sister     Chilton, Phoebe Ann 1869 1896
    Sister     Chilton, Christiana 1871
    Brother     Chilton, William 1873 1887
    Sister     Chilton, Sarah Jane 1875
    Sister     Chilton, Betsy 1877
    Sister     Chilton, Lydia 1879
    Sister     Chilton, Isabel 1882
    Sister     Chilton, Selina 1884
    Sister     Chilton, Elizabeth 1886
    Brother     Chilton, Samuel 1890
         Chilton, Edith 15/4/1892 1977


Family of Smith, Alfred and Chilton, Edith

Married Husband Smith, Alfred ( * 26/10/1890 + 1937 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Smith, [Living]
Smith, [Living]
Smith, [Living]
Smith, Edith15/8/19161992
Smith, Isabel23/10/19192006
Smith, Lilian19211922
Smith, Freda1/3/19241942
Smith, Doris19271930
Smith, Alfred Roland19291930
Smith, Brenda19351935

Family of Mitchell, David and Chilton, Edith

Married Husband Mitchell, David ( * + ... )