Butler, Harry John

Birth Name Butler, Harry John
Gender male
Age at Death 90 years, 13 days


Vernon Butler indicated in a letter dated, August 8, 1983 that his father’s middle name was John. This is confirmed by Harry’s World War I draft registration. He came to American with her mother, Sarah, arriving in American on July 12, 1880 aboard the steamship Spain, which sailed from Liverpool.

In the 1900 United States census return, Harry’s occupation is given as that of a schoolteacher. He taught school for thirteen years at Deckerville, Carsonville and Peck, Michigan. In 1920 Harry was a doctor in general practice. In 1930 Harry was physician in private practice. He owned his home, which was valued at $20,000. The family did not possess a radio according to the census return.

In 1904, he entered the Detroit College of Medicine. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1910 and practiced medicine in his hometown of Deckerville until 1917. He was a member of the Methodist Church.

Harry’s World War I draft registration card, dated September 12, 1918, tells us that he was born on the date cited above, was forty-two years of age and a physician employed by Dodge Brothers Ordinance Plant. He was described as being of medium height and built with gray eyes and brown hair.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 5/10/1875 Bottisham, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom Harry John Butler  
Marriage (Groom) 27/10/1897 Bridgehampton Township, Sanilac County, Michigan, United States of America Harry John Butler Elizabeth L Nichol  
Death 18/10/1965 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, United States of America Harry John Butler  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Butler, Samuel10/3/18391924
Mother Flack, Sarah Ann22/5/184025/2/1907
    Sister     Butler, Elizabeth Frances May 9/5/1862 27/9/1930
    Brother     Butler, William A 5/9/1863 23/11/1931
    Sister     Butler, Annie 3/3/1865 4/11/1924
    Brother     Butler, Samuel 8/1/1867 10/11/1870
    Sister     Butler, Eleanor 7/2/1868 29/11/1870
    Brother     Butler, Richard Frederick Randall 25/5/1869 1950
    Brother     Butler, Jesse Samuel 21/2/1871 7/5/1955
         Butler, Harry John 5/10/1875 18/10/1965
    Sister     Butler, Grace Eleanor 17/9/1878 1/1/1917


Family of Butler, Harry John and Nichol, Elizabeth L

Married Wife Nichol, Elizabeth L ( * 16/12/1874 + 23/1/1965 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Butler, Volney A7/11/189813/3/1986
Butler, Vernon L25/7/190624/10/1993