Dobinson, Jessie

Birth Name Dobinson, Jessie
Birth Name Dobinson, Jeffrey
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 17/2/1845 Wandsworth, London, England, United Kingdom Jessie Dobinson 1
Event Note

b. 17 Feb 1845, The Armoury Yard, Wandsworth, Surrey

Marriage (Bride) 9/10/1877 West Ham, Newham, London, England, United Kingdom Thomas Henry Notley Jessie Dobinson  
Event Note

Parish Church of West Ham, Essex

Census 30/3/1851 Wandsworth, London, England, United Kingdom William Dobinson 1a

Name: Dobinson, Jessie

Relation: Daughter

Age: 6

Occupation: Scholar

Where Born: Surrey, Wandsworth


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dobinson, William20/4/1821
Mother Tuckwell, Sarah1814
         Dobinson, Jessie 17/2/1845
    Brother     Dobinson, William George 23/1/1847
    Brother     Dobinson, Henry James 1851 1870
    Sister     Dobinson, Sarah Jane 9/5/1854 1925


Family of Notley, Thomas Henry and Dobinson, Jessie

Married Husband Notley, Thomas Henry ( * 1835 + 24/10/1909 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Notley, Martha Sarah16/6/1878
Notley, Henry William23/12/1879
Notley, Albert Thomas16/2/1882
Notley, Alfred Edward18/7/1884
Notley, Jessie May12/3/188729/4/1972


Type Value Notes Sources
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Source References

  1. UK Government: 1851 England and Wales Census
      • Date: 30/3/1851
      • Page: HO107/1578/93/12